• Random acts of kindness may be reciprocated even by seemingly bad people.
  • My father volunteered at a “Bain Phut Ah Thin” for rehabilitating opium addicts.
  • He gave a rehabilitated addict some money to pay for the fare back home.
  • It was an act of random kindness.
  • During the Second World War, my parents and his siblings decided to take refuge at Neikbeinda Hills in Prome.
  • My father sent his assistant ahead of him.
    Unfortunately, the assistant encountered a group of bandits.
    He pleaded the bandits not to take away his saya’s possessions.
    When the bandit leader learned that the saya was my father, he decided to guard the assistant on the way to the Neikbeinda Hills.
    The leader also offered a surprise gift — a box of condensed milk — for my father.

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