Dave Singh Saluja

  • My classmate at SPHS (St. Paul’s High School), I.Sc.(A) and 2nd BE.
  • On some weekends, he would invite me to his house in Golden Valley for lunch to be followed by a “study session”.
    He would bring out 200+ comics and cartoons to study.
  • Dave served as “Humor Editor” of the RIT English Association Newsletter.
  • His father Teja Singh (a serial entrepreneur) had hoped that Dave’s elder brother (Scholarship holder from SPHS and an alumnus of MIT in US) would help the family set up a tire factory (or similar project).
    Their hopes dashed after the Coup D’etat and the subsequent nationalization.
  • Dave’s brother relocated to Bangkok.
    Dave quit his studies at RIT to join his brother and form “Rama Enterprises”.
  • Dave entertained his former schoolmates (e.g U Chit Po Po (M69), Dr. Nyan Taw (SPHS63)).

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