Cost of Living

In the early days (e.g. Pyidawtha Khit), there was Free Tuition (no school fees).

Typical values (in our days at RIT)

  • School fees:
    15 kyats per month
    Paid 30 kyats every two months
  • Collegiate Scholarship award:
    75 kyats per month
    Net 60 kyats after paying the school fees
  • Remuneration :
    (a) 15 kyats for poem or article
    (b) 50 kyats for translation of short story
    50 kyats to the author
    (c) 50 kyats for the artist doing background painting
  • Mohinga:
    (a) 15 pyas (without ah kyaw)
    (b) 25 pyas (with ah kyaw)
  • Bananas:
    (a) 15 pyas for one
    (b) 25 pyas for two
  • Meal:
    50 pyas (for a rice bowl)
    K 1.50 – 2 kyats (for reasonable lunch)
  • Books:
    Paid about 6 Kyats (for a Dollar) on the Book Price

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