Count down to SPZP-2012 (81)

Attended the SPZP-2012 Main Committee Meeting presided by U Win Khaing. To minimize traffic congestion and parking problems, attendees to SPZP-2012 are requested to “car-pool” (or similar).

3000 – 4000 attendees are expected for the morning event. There will be FOUR groups of sayas and sayamas for the “paying respect” ceremony.

2500 or more attendees are expected to attend the evening event. Tickets are available at K15000 per person.Dinner buffet and entertainment (by the famed SWEL DAW YEIK Ah Phwe) are provided.

Review of the FINAL DRAFT for the “History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar” has begun. The printing will start on or around December 16, 2012.

Two CARTOON BOXES will be on display at SPZP-2012. Commemorative “RIT Cartoon Collection” will be on sale at K2000. Several RIT Cartoon Sayas have volunteered to demo their expertise.

The SWEL DAW YEIK MAGAZINE committee will have a meeting on or around December 16, 2012. The team is headed by U Saw Linn (C 71) and includes distinguished writers such as Ma Sandar, N. Jar Thaing, Maung Sein Win (Padeegone), …

Copies of 23 vintage “RIT Magazines” will also be on sale. Each
magazine costs K3000. The whole set is available at K65000.

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