It is the 7th text in Abhidhamma

Book of Conditional Relations

(1) Root Condition
(2) Object Condition
(3) Predominance Condition
(4) Proximity Condition
(5) Contiguity Condition
(6) Co-nascence Condition
(7) Mutuality Condition
(8) Dependence Condition
(9) Strong-Dependence Condition
(10) Pre-nascence Condition
(11) Post-nascence Condition
(12) Repetition Condition
(13) Kamma Condition
(14) Resultant Condition
(15) Nutriment Condition
(16) Faculty Condition
(17) Jhana Condition
(18) Path Condition
(19) Association Condition
(20) Disassociation Condition
(21) Presence Condition
(22) Absence Condition
(23) Disappearance Condition
(24) Non-Disappearance Condition

Patthana in Daily Life

Subtitle : An introduction to the Law of Conditionality
Author : U Hla Myint
Publisher : Tathagata Meditation Center, 2010



Root condition : Hetu-paccayo
Fascination (Sense-object) condition : Arammana-paccayo
Predominance condition : Adhipati-paccayo (sahajata, arammana)
Continuity condition : Ananatara-paccayo
Contiguity condition : Samanantara-paccayo
Co-nascence condition : Sahajata-paccayo
Mutuality condition : Annamanna-paccayo
Dependence condition : Nissaya-paccayo (shajata, purejata)
Strong-dependence condition : Upanissaya-paccayo (aramana, anantara, pakatupa)
Pre-nascence condition : Purejata-paccayo (vatthu, araammana)
Post-nascence condition : Pacchajata-paccayo
Repetition condition : Asevana-paccayo
Kamma condition : Kamma-paccayo (shahajata, mamakkhanika)
Resultant condition : Vipaka-paccayo
Nutriment condition : Ahara-paccayo (sahajarta, kabalikara)
Faculty condition : Indriya-paccayo (shajata, rupajivita, vatthu-purejata)
Jhana condition : Jhana-paccayo
Path condition : Magga paccayo
Association condition : Samapyutta-paccayo
Disassociation condition : Vipayutta-apccayo (sahajata, pacchajata, vatthupurejata)
Presence condition : Atthi-apccayo (sahajata, pacchajata, vatthupurejata)
Non-disappearance condition : Avigata-paccayo
Absence condition : Natthi-paccayo
Disappearance condition : Vigata-apccayo



  • Patthana Theikpan (College)
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses on Patthana
  • A Manual of Abhidhamma
  • Charts, illustrations, mnemonics
  • Computer programs to study Patthana
  • Tri-lingual book (in Pali, Myanmar, and English)

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