Month: July 2020

1963 – 1969

1963 Guinea Pigs We took the first ever Matriculation Only examination in 1963. Paulians took 5 places among the Top Five, 7 places among the Top Ten, and 10 places among the Top Twenty. Khin Maung U (1st) Min Oo (2nd) Myo San (3rd, GBNF) Nyunt Wai (4th) […]


In April and May of 1999, I received a series of e-mails from Saya U Soe Paing, my mentor at both RIT and UCC (Universities’ Computer Center), and Alice (Saw Yu Tint, T69), a.k.a. Mrs Soe Paing, about the mini-reunions in Yangon and Singapore. I created an informal […]


Zero Ten Twenty Sixty Powers of Two 0 (Zero) Zero has no value when it stands by itself. When a zero is placed to the right of a number, it increases the value N-fold (where N, say 10, is the Base or Radix of the Number System. 10 […]


Three RIT SayasU Moe AungU Kyaw SeinU Aung Myint Three RIT SayamasDaw Tin May SoeDaw Khin Swe AyeDaw Tin Tin Myint Three 69ersU ShweU Tin Htut (Harry)U Thein Swe Three RIT Sayas U Moe Aung (EE63) Pen name : Tekkatho Moe War Distinguished writer, poet, editor, publisher, zat […]


Numerals Recent Buddhas Sacca / Noble Truth Foundation of Mindfulness Brahma Vihara Practice Guardian deities Mahabhuta Miscellaneous Numerals Hindu-Arablic numeral : 4 Roman numeral : IV Recent Buddhas Kakusandha Konagamana Kassapa Gautama Sacca / Noble Truth Dukkha : Unsatisfactoriness / Misery / Suffering Samudiya : Cause of suffering […]


Numerals First group of disciples Five Khandas / Aggregates Five Precepts Five Senses Five Nikaya / Collection Miscellaneous Numerals Hindu-Arabic numeral : 5 Roman numeral : V First group of disciples Kondanna Baddhiya Vappa Mahanama Asajji Five Khandas / Aggregates Rupakkhandha : Material phenomena Vedanakkhanda : Feeling Sannakkhanda […]


Numerals Nivarnas / Hindrances Kinds of Craving Hetus / Roots Caritas / Types of Nature Miscellaneous Numerals Hindu-Arabic numeral : 6 Roman numeral : VI Nivarnas / Hindrances Kammacchanda / Sense-desire Vyapada / Ill-will Thina-middha / Sloth and torpor Udhhacca-kukkucca / Restlessness and brooding or worry Vicikiccha / […]


Numerals Factors of Enlightenment Days of week Mercury Project Colors of the rainbow Miscellaneous Numerals Hindu-Arabic numeral : 7 Roman numeral : VII Factors of Enlightenment Mindfulness Investigation of dhammas Effort (or energy) Zest Tranquility Concentration Equanimity Days of week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Mercury […]


Numerals Magggingas Precepts for Ajivatthamaka sila Uposatha Precepts Importune Moments Miscellaneous Numerals HIndu-Arabic numeral : 8 Roman Numeral : VIII Magggingas Samma dithi / Right view Samma sankappa / Right thoughts Samma vaca Right speech Samma kamanta / Right action Samma ajiva / Right livelihood Samma vayamo / […]