Month: July 2020


In April and May of 1999, I received a series of e-mails from Saya U Soe Paing, my mentor at both RIT and UCC (Universities’ Computer Center), and Alice (Saw Yu Tint, T69), a.k.a. Mrs Soe Paing, about the mini-reunions in Yangon and Singapore. I created an informal […]


Numerals Recent Buddhas Sacca / Noble Truth Foundation of Mindfulness Brahma Vihara Practice Guardian deities Mahabhuta Miscellaneous Numerals Hindu-Arablic numeral : 4 Roman numeral : IV Recent Buddhas Kakusandha Konagamana Kassapa Gautama Sacca / Noble Truth Dukkha : Unsatisfactoriness / Misery / Suffering Samudiya : Cause of suffering […]


Numerals First group of disciples Five Khandas / Aggregates Five Precepts Five Senses Five Nikaya / Collection Miscellaneous Numerals Hindu-Arabic numeral : 5 Roman numeral : V First group of disciples Kondanna Baddhiya Vappa Mahanama Asajji Five Khandas / Aggregates Rupakkhandha : Material phenomena Vedanakkhanda : Feeling Sannakkhanda […]


Numerals Nivarnas / Hindrances Kinds of Craving Hetus / Roots Caritas / Types of Nature Miscellaneous Numerals Hindu-Arabic numeral : 6 Roman numeral : VI Nivarnas / Hindrances Kammacchanda / Sense-desire Vyapada / Ill-will Thina-middha / Sloth and torpor Udhhacca-kukkucca / Restlessness and brooding or worry Vicikiccha / […]


Numerals Bases of Meritorious Action Kasinas Anusati / Kinds of Recollections Dasa Bala / Wisdom-Powers of the Buddha Miscellaneous Numerals HIndu-Arabic numeral : 10 Roam numeral : X Bases of Meritorious Action Dana / Giving Sila / Morality Bhavana / Mediation Apacayana / Reverence Veyyavacca / Service Pattidana […]


Academic Year Usually spans two calendar years e.g. 1968 – 69 We will say Class of 69 (or just 69) instead of Class of 1968 – 69e.g. M69 stands for Mechanical 1968 – 69 Alumni Student Need not be a graduate In the old days, there were four […]