• Brother Austin (English) : Class Teacher : School Librarian
    After Nationalization, moved to Malaysia.
  • Saya U Sein (Burmese)
    Father of Saya Dr. Soe Win (SPHS58, Retired Rector of YUFL)
  • Brother Clementian (Mathematics)
    Was Brother Director in several De La Salle Schools
    When his cortege arrived at the Tamwe Christian Cemetery, several cars and buses were still leaving SPHS for the Final Journey
  • Saya Cecil D’Cruze (Chemistry)
    Moved to Australia and worked as Librarian
  • Saya Beatson (Physics)
    Became a Sayadaw
    Lone remaining saya from our time.
    Harry Kyaw, Atom Hla and Dicky Taw organized soon kyways for Sayadaw.


  • There were four sections.
  • Sections (A) and (B) had common sayas for some subjects (e.g. Mathematics)


SPHS had

  • Five students in the Top Five
  • Seven students in the Top Ten
  • Ten students in the Top Twenty
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Seated (L to R) : Min Oo (2nd), Khin Maung U (1st), Myo San (3rd, GBNF)

Standing (L to R) : Hla Min (7th), Khin Maung Zaw (Frank, 17th), Nyunt Wai (Victor, 4th), Thein Wai (5th), Maung Maung Kyi (11th), Aung Thu Yein (Brownie, 13th, GBNF), Aung Kyaw Zaw (Johnny, 9th)

  • Khin Maung U, Myo San, Nyunt Wai, Thein Wai, Aung Kyaw Zaw and Khin Maung Zaw studied Medicine.
  • Min Oo studied Mathematics.
  • Hla Min, Maung Maung Kyi and Aung Thu Yein studied Engineering and/or Computer Science.


In 2018, Kyaw Win offered birthday soon kyway to Uzin Okkantha (Victor, Aung Chaw) and treated his former classmates (some of whom have not seen each other for a long time).

  • Aye Ngwe (Edwin)
  • Kyaw Win (“Birthday Boy”)
  • Khin Maung Bo (Alan, EP69)
  • Hla Min (EC69)
  • Uzin Okkantha (Aung Chaw, Victor, C69)
  • Than Win (M69)
  • Aung Kyi (Arthur)
  • Tin Tun (M69)
  • Khin Maung Zaw (Frank Gale, IM1 70, UK)

Novice Crew

Kyaw Win (EE) and Maung Maung Kyi (B, Dip Ing in ChE, Wales, UK) rowed on the bow side of our Novice crew. Willie Soe Mg (BDS, GBNF) and I rowed on the stroke side. Myint Thein (SPHS 62, B.Com 66) was our cox.


  • Willie Soe Mg (Myint Soe, BDS)
  • Dr. Freddie Ba San (Myo San, Surgeon),
  • Dr. Aung Thwin (Alfred, OG)
  • Dr. Freddie Sein
  • Dr. Maung Maung Aye
  • Brownie Way (Aung Thu Yein, EC69)
  • Aung Khin (DSA)
  • Shwe Zan Aung (OTS, Sea farer)
  • Gilbert Thaw (Min Thaw, EP)
  • Uzin Phillip Ba Maung


Image may contain: 4 people
Image may contain: 4 people
  • Han Tun, Aung Khin, Myint Lwin Nyo, Thaung Lwin (Michael) … joined DSA
  • Shwe Zan Aung, Phillip Ba Maung … joined OTS
  • Htin Aung, Nyan Taw, Myo Khin, … received Doctorate
  • Myint Soe, Aung Thwin, … received MD
  • Hla Aung (Stanley) … became Master Mariner
  • Jerry Hin Hwa … became Editor
  • D S Saluja, K Lal, … became successful entrepreneurs

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