Old Paulians

An Old Paulian is one who studied at SPHS (St. Paul’s High School).

An Old Paulian is also a B.O.B (Brothers’ Old Boys, alumnus of a De La Salle School).

Some Early Paulians

Some early Old Paulians include

  • ICS U Tin Tut (Minister / Diplomat)
  • U Ba Khin (First in Burma, Renowned Vipassana Teacher)
  • Dr. Ba Than (Rector, IM1)
  • Dr. Ba Han and Dr. Ba Maw
  • U Than Aung (Minister)

Some Paulians from 1957 – 1965

Dr. Tin Wa, U Sein Htoon, U Myint Khine (Norman), U Kyi Win (Eddie, GBNF) are some members from the Class of 1957.

Dr. Soe Win (First in Burma), U Robert Sein (Second in Burma), U Myo Min (UCC), U Khin Maung Tun (GBNF), U Myint Kyu Pe, Dr. Khin Maung Wint, U Tin Win (GBNF) are some members from the Class of 1958.

Dr. Frankie Ohn (First in Burma), U Nay Oke, U Thein Aung (Micky, GBNF), Dr. Myint Han, U Tin Hlaing are some members from the Class of 1959.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint, Dr. Myint Tun (Henry), U Thaung Lwin, U Myo Myint, U Than Htut, Dr. Saw Naing (Henry), Dr. Khin Zaw are some members from the Class of 1960.

Dr. Robin Ban (Kyaw Win, Second in Burma), Dr. Thein Tun, U Htun Aung Kyaw, U Sein Shwe are some members from the Class of 1961.

U Myint Thein, U Myint Soe, U Ohn Maung are some members from the Class of 1962.

Dr. Khin Maung U (First), Dr. Min Oo (Second), Dr. Myo San (Freddie, Third, GBNF), Dr. Nyunt Wai (Victor, 4th), Dr. Thein Wai (5th), U Hla Min (7th), Dr. Johnny Maung Maung (Aung Kyaw Zaw, 9th), U Maung Maung Kyi (11th), U Aung Thu Yein (Brownie, 13th, GBNF), Dr. Frank Gale (Khin Maung Zaw, 17th), Atom Hla, Dr. Htin Aung, Dr. Nyan Taw (Dicky), Dr. Myo Khin, Uzin Ukkamsa (Victor Aung Chaw), U Than Win, D S Saluja, U Myo Nyunt (Harry Kyaw) are some members from the Class of 1963.

Dr. Aung Win Chiong (3rd), Dr. Min Lwin (Maurice, 5th), U Aung Myint, U Maung Maung Gyi, U Hla Min (CO), U Khin Maung Maung (Alfred, GBNF) are some members from the Class of 1964.

Bernard Khaw (1st), Winston Sein Maung (2nd, GBNF), Dr. Paing Soe (Freddie, 3rd), Dr. Kyaw Min, U Myint Thin, U Myint Toe, Dr. Tin Maung Maung Than (Edward) are some members from the Class of 1965. They are the last batch of true Old Paulians.


Some Classes have mini-gatherings.

The Class of 1965 and some from the Class of 1963 (e.g. Harry Kyaw and Dicky Taw) meet almost every month. During my visits to Yangon, Dr. Kyaw Min picked me up to attend their mini-gatherings. Ko Than Win took me to the soon offering (organized by Harry, Dicky and Atom) for Saya Uzin Beatson at a restaurant in the “Yin Pyin Daw”.

Donation Ceremony

Senior Old Paulians donated to some health workers (from DMR) working on COVID-19 projects (e.g. Swab Collection).

The photos were sent by Dr. Kyaw Min (Retired Deputy DG, DMR).

Ko Aung Myint (SPHS64) made educated guesses (e.g. U Nay Oke, Harry “R” Kyaw).

Ko Myint Toe texted me saying he was wearing a black coat in the second photo.

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  1. Dear Ko Hla Min,
    Your website is a monumental achievement, and a testimonial to your dedication to help future generations to remember their legacy.
    Thank you for mentioning my name in your records.
    May I point out that in “Some Paulians from 1957 – 1965” in your June 11, 2020 posting, the 2nd position in the 1965 Matric exam results should be Maung Aye (the younger of the twins), and the 3rd should be Winston Sein Maung.
    I confirmed this with fellow classmate Edward Kyaw Din (Dr. Kyaw Din), whose aunt was the one who calculated the ILAs for ranking the college roll nos. I believe Yi Thway (also from our class) was in 4th position; he was roll no. 1 at MC(1).
    May God continue to bless you in your labor of love.
    Bernard Khaw


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