Month: April 2020


Update : April 28, 2020 Types of Correlation In Probability and Statistics, one has to determine if two variables have positive, negative or zero correlation. Two variables are said to be positively correlated if both go up and down together. Two variations are said to be negatively correlated […]


Update : May 28, 2020 Uniform may stand for “one form”. In Statistics, Uniform Distribution is a type of data distribution. During their university days, Bogyoke Aung San and U Thant had a debate on Uniform. Some schools may mandate their students to wear uniform on specified days […]


Update : April 25, 2020 Types of Lottery The types of Lottery vary by country and state. Well known ones include Power Ball Mega Millions Super Lotto The winners have an option to take the grand prize in installments over a specified period of years, or to take […]


Update : April 25, 2020 AD / CE AD stands for Anno Domini / “In the year of our Lord” Also known as CE (Common Era) Usually differs from the Burmese Era by 638Note : Burmese New Year falls in mid-April. So, the Gregorian year will span two […]