Month: March 2020


Type Dictionaries come in various sizes and flavors. They include the following: Hardcover or Softcover Pocket sized or Desk top Abridged or Unabridged Student Edition or Learners’ Dictionary (Basic and Advanced) Technical Dictionary (e.g. Dictionary of Music) Thesaurus (in Dictionary form) On-line search for meaning and usage of […]

V : Symbol

V is the 23rd letter of the English Alphabet. V is a Roman Numeral with the value of 5. V (Victory) V (Volt) VG (Very Good) VW (Volkswagen or Folk’s Wagon) VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) VLDB (Very Large Data Base) VIBGYOR (Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange […]


Guideline There was a guide line for reforestation (e.g. for teak). Every year, only 1/40th of the teak trees can be cut down for local use and export. An equal number of re-planting must be made assuring that the resources will never be depleted. Moreover, the quality will […]


Wiki supposedly uses an easier “Mark up” than HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up). A web site using Wiki usually allows some access to non-administrators. Wikipedia Wikipedia is a collection of encyclopedias (in multiple languages) Contributed and managed by volunteers. There are guidelines for Wiki publications such as Wikipedia […]


Meal Types Breakfast Lunch Dinner Supper For various reasons (religious, health), some will practice Fasting Intermittent Fasting Eating only one meal the whole day (especially by monks who practice ekāsanika dhutanga) Eating two meals per dayMost monks take “Ah Yone Soon” after sun rise and “Nei Soon” before […]


Top Down Approach starts with the Design Requirements and then decide on the intermediate and final steps to get the design implemented. Used some software projects. May also be used in the writing of a book. One first decides on the structure and contents. Bottom Up Used when […]

Mathematics (1)

U Aung Hla Professor of Mathematics, RU in the early days. Spouse : Daw May Than (Vocalist) Son : U Mya Than (Guitarist).  Saya wrote notes for Burmese songs.  U Kar Minister of Education in the Care Taker Government Rector, Rangoon University.   Sons : Dr. Thein Maung […]