Month: March 2020

Myanmar / Burmese

Language There are two forms of Myanmar / Burmese language. Myanmar Sagar (Oral / spoken) Myanmar Sar (Written) Alphabet The Alphabet has 33 Eik Khaya (loosely rendered as letter or character). Grouping There are several groups (Wagga) of five letters. Linguists and phonologists refer to the groups as […]

Myanmar Community

There are many Myanmar Communities around the world. OMC (One Myanmar Community) is based in Union City, Northern California. Its main activity and fund raiser is the Annual Thingyan Festival held in May (for logistic reasons). A “Thet Kyee Pu Zaw Pwe” co-hosted by TDS (Theravada Dhamma Society) […]


Story Telling Powerful, informative, aspiring, educational, and entertaining. Books, movies, music, arts, history, archaeology, and religion leverage the art of Story Telling. Thanks to my Thin Sayas, Myin Sayas and Kyar Sayas for helping me learn and develop the art of Story Telling. My Posts Most of my […]

Mangala Sutta

Mangala Sutta Mangala is usually rendered as Auspices or Blessings.Myanmar call it Mingalar Mangala Sutta describes 38 Blessings, which are related to both Loki (mundane) and Lokotra (supramundane). First of the 11 Suttas covered in Paritta Pali / Protective Verses. For lay persons U Thu Kha wrote a […]

Point of view

According to my late beloved father, Dhamma-ka-hti-ka Sayagyi U Hla Thein mentioned the following anecdote: “Four people were looking at a symbol on the table. The first said, “Ka Gyi” The second said, “Da Dwe.” The third said, “Ya Pa Let.” The fourth said, “It’s Nga Thut.” Who’s […]

X : Symbol

X is the 24th letter of the English Alphabet. X is a Roman Numeral with the value Ten. X represents “Unknown”. e.g. X-ray Planet X could mean the Tenth Planet or Unknown Planet. X is a Check Mark. X (in Red written by a teacher) means “Incorrect” or […]

D : Symbol

D is the fourth letter of the English Alphabet. D is a Roman Numeral with the value of 500. D (Distinction) D (Grade, usually 1.0) D (District), e.g. D4TM D (Diploma), e.g. DAC D (Directorate), e.g. DHE DC (District Commissioner) DC (Direct current) DC (District of Columbia) DVD […]

E : Symbol

E is the fifth letter of the English Alphabet. E (Exponent). e.g. 1E6 (stands for a million) and 1E-6 (stands for a millionth). e is a Mathematical Constant named in honor of Euler. It has a value of 2.71828… e^x (is the Euler Constant raised to the power […]

I : Symbol

I is the ninth letter of the English Alphabet. I is the third vowel in English. I is a Roman Numeral with the value of one. I may stand for Current. e.g. V = IR describes a property of Resistance. Intermediate. e.g. I.Sc. (Intermediate of Science), I.A., I.Com […]

L : Symbol

L is the 13th letter of the English Alphabet. L is a Roman Numeral with the value 50. L (Inductance or Inductor) e.g. RLC Circuit L (Law). e.g. BL (Bachelor of Law) L (Litre) L (Sterling Pound) Lb (weight in Pounds) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) LDL (Low Density […]