Eleven Holy Discourses of Protection

Subtitle : Maha Paritta Pali

Transliterated and Translated from the Burmese Pali Scriptures (The Sixth Buddhist Council Version) into English

by Sao Htun Hmat Win
M.A; A.M; S.R.F. (Harvard)
Director of Research and Scriptures

Publisher : Department of Religious Affairs, Yangon, Myanmar.


1. The Author

2. Maha Paritta Pali

  • Method of Translation
  • Buddhism as Religion
  • Apotropaic Buddhism
  • Eleven Maha Paritta Suttas
  • Textual Resource
  • Historical Resources
  • Paritta as Bhavana Meditation
  • Recite and Work

3. Maha Paritta Pali (The Text of Great Protection)

(1) Mangala Sutta (Discourse on Auspices)

(2) Ratana-Sutta Discourse on Precious Jewels)
A Historical Sketch

(3) Metta Sutta (Discourse on Loving kindness)
A Historical Sketch

(4) Khanda Paritta Sutta (Discourse on the Protection of the Aggregates)

(5) Mora-Sutta (Discourse on the Peacock’s Prayer)
A Historical Sketch

(6) Vatta Sutta (Discourse on the Quail’s Confession)

(7) Dhajagga Sutta (Discourse on the Crest of the Banner)

(8) Atanatiya Sutta (Discourse on Atanatiya)

(9) Angulimala Sutta (The Act of Truth by Reverend Angulimala)

(10) Bojjhanga Sutta (Discourse on the Seven Factors of Enlightenment)

(11) Pubbhana Sutta (Discourse on Good Morning)

4. Maha Paritta Pali

5. Pabbajaniya Kammavaca
Monastic Sanction of Act of Banishment

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