Sikkha / Theik-kha *

Sikkha is usually rendered as Training or Practice.

The Myanmar call it Theik-kha.

Three Sikkha

Buddhist studies describe three Sikkha

  • Sila (Morality)
  • Samadhi (Concentration)
  • Panna (Wisdom)

Pali Sikkha

Mahagandayone Sayadaw (Ashin Janakabhivamsa) authored several texts including Pali Sikkha (Practice using Pali words and phrases).

Tharmanay Kyaw Sayadaw (U Dhammika) wrote and taught Paritta Seik-kha (Practice using words and phrases from the eleven suttas) in both Myanmar and English. Sayadaw’s objective is to help people (outside Myanmar who do not have time to study Pali grammar) to read and understand Pali texts such as the Protective Suttas and Dhammapada.

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