Rangoon University


Students include

  • U Tin U (Dio)
    Captain and Gold, RUBC
    BS in Civil Engineering at Oregon State
    MS in Civil Engineering at Yale
    Part-time Lecturer at the Civil Engineering Department
    Director, Clark and Grieg
    Consultant, Interkiln
    Consultant, PWD
    Captain, RGC
  • U Sein Hlaing
    Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) in 1952.
    Joined Faculty as Assistant Lecturer
    MS in Electrical Engineering at MIT
    Professor and Head of Electrical Engineering
  • Dr. Pe Nyun (Dick San Pe)
    Pediatric Surgeon
    Leader of team to operate on Ma Nan Soe / Ma Nan San (conjoined twins)
  • Dr. Pe Thein (Tom San Pe)
    Minister of Health and Education

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