Meanings can change

The meaning of words can change with time.


In the early days, a “computer” is a person who computes (e.g. tables for firing artillery). Even in some NASA projects, astronauts ask expert mathematicians (including a black female) to compute trajectories to check against the calculations made by electronic computers in the space capsule.


Also, a “compiler” is a person who compiles data (e.g. historical data).

Books sent to wrong departments

During our UCC days, several computer books were ordered through the Trade Corporation (and related departments).

Some wrongly sent “Compiler Construction for Digital Computers” book to the Ministry of Construction, and “The Anatomy of a Compiler” book to the Institute of Medicine.

Trade marks

iPad and iPhone are designed and manufactured by Apple.

The trademark iPad belongs to Fujitsu. Former colleagues of mine worked on Fujitsu’s Intelligent Pad (iPad). The trademark was transferred to Apple.

The trademark iPhone belongs to Cisco, which experimented with “Internet Phone” (or equivalent). The trademark was transferred to Apple.

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