July : Special Days


  • The 5th month of the old Roman calendar had 30 days.
  • It was renamed July in honor of Emperor Julius Caesar and was given an extra day.
  • July is the 7th month of the Gregorian Calendar.
    It has 31 days.

Special Days in July

My father’s birthday

  • My beloved father was born on July 1.

US Independence

  • US Independence falls on the 4th of July.

First moon landing in 1969

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  • Apollo 11 landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969. Apollo 11 landed in Tranquility Bay on the Moon in July 20, 1969
  • Neil Armstrong (Civilian Mission Commander) became the first man on the moon.
  • Buzz Aldrin (Lunar Module Pilot) became the second man on the moon. His request to step down first on the moon was denied by NASA officials.
  • The Golden Jubilee was celebrated by NASA in July, 2019.
  • I wrote a poem “Men on the Moon”.
    Ashin Ananda gave copy of my poem to Mr. Hall, Information Officer of USIS to be forwarded to NASA and the astronauts.
    He gave a copy to the Guardian newspaper for local publication.

Dark moments in Burma

Burma had several dark days in July.

19th July 1947

  • Nine Arzanis — Bogyoke Aung San, six Cabinet Ministers, one Cabinet Secretary and one Body guard — were brutally gunned down at the Secretariat on July 19, 1947.
  1. Bogyoke Aung San
  2. Thakin Mya
  3. Deedoke U Ba Cho
  4. Mahn Ba Khine
  5. Mong Pawn Sawbwa Sao San Htun
  6. U Ba Win (Bogyoke’s elder brother)
  7. U Razak
  8. U Ohn Maung (ICS)
  9. Yebaw Maung Htwe (body guard of U Razak)
  • Eight perished on July 19, 1947.
  • Sao San Htun succumbed a day later on July 20, 1947.
  • There are books (e.g. by Kin Oung) and documentaries (e.g. by BBC) on the “unsolved mystery”.

7th July 1962

  • Burma had two more dark days in July 1962.
  • Students’ protest that was brutally crushed on July 7, 1962
  • According to the newspapers, 17 died on July 7, 1962.
  • Ko Aung Khin was stuck by a stray bullet as he was returning home to Windermere Road from RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club).
    Ko Aung Khin was listed as the 17th victim.
  • The celebration of the 7th July Anniversary in the following year (1963) ended with the closure of Universities (with the exception of the Faculties of Medical and Engineering).

8th July 1962

  • Demolition of the revered Rangoon University Student’s Union Building took place on July 8, 1962


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