Dr. Khin Maung U

Matriculation 1963
VIII (A) in 1961

He stood First in Burma in the Matriculation of 1963. He scored 100 marks each in Mathematics and Chemistry and 99 marks (in Physics after the examiner reluctantly took back 1 mark from the perfect score). He also had a Distinction in English (as he did in HSF). There was only a couple of students who had Distinction in Burmese.

Together, we were the “guinea pigs” of the Education System and Policies. Our seniors took two Government examinations before entering the university.

We took

  • the last ever 7th Standard Government examination in 1960
  • the first ever High School Final ONLY examination in March 1962 (under heavy security due to the Coup D’etat)
  • the High School Final ONLY examination AGAIN in August 1962
    (since the March examination for Rangoon Division was declared NULL and VOID)
  • the first ever Matriculation ONLY examination in 1963

The silver lining was that TEN matriculates from SPHS were in the Top Twenty and were awarded Collegiate Scholarship of 75 Kyats per month.

  • First : Khin Maung U
  • Second : Min Oo
  • Third : Myo San
  • Fourth : Nyunt Wai
  • Fifth : Thein Wai
  • 7th : Hla Min
  • 9th : Aung Kyaw Zaw
  • 11th : Maung Maung Kyi
  • 13th : Aung Thu Yein
  • 17th : Khin Maung Zaw

Impact of Change in Education System / Policies

Before our time, medical graduates were selected to study for their membership and fellowship in the Royal Colleges in the UK.

Even though Dr. Khin Maung U finished in the top of his class and was a Multiple Luyechun from the Institute of Medicine (1), due to Change of Policies, he had to be contented studying for his Masters in Burma.

He had to wait long before he had a chance to study in the UK, Australia and USA.

Medical Research

He worked at John Hopkins and other universities in the USA before settling as a senior researcher for Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

After retirement, he is compiling and posting Medical Research Updates (appropriate for lay people).


He volunteered as Translator and Editor for the Dhamma Talks given in Maryland, USA and vicinity.

Proud Grandfather

Some time back, he became a proud grand father when his younger daughter presented him a wonderful gift.

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