RUBC (19)

Sir Arthur Eggar

Swimming (after Rowing)

Most members enjoy swimming in the Inya Lake after they had finished rowing.

A few members do not know how to swim, but they are confident that the eights and fours will not capsize even if someone “catches a crab”. There were a few instances where the scull and the pairs tripped over, but the non-swimmers felt safe and sound by clinging to the boat.

At one time, Burmese Laungs were loaned by RUBC. They are liable to flip over more than the RUBC boats.

There were two boatmen. U Par Oo was the senior. He and his son Tin Aung sold Than Pa Ya Yay. Ko Mya Hlaing was the junior. He sold Bu Thee Kyaw. They had to maintain the Tub Pairs and Tub Fours, and make patches to the boats and oars.

Before our days, there were many boats that were imported and not so many active members.

Later, due to restrictions for foreign exchange and the increase in active members, some local boats were used for training the novices.

Zeyar Linn added :

Our times 1992-2002, Swimming was prohibited but nowadays it is part of training sessions.

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