Month: February 2020


News may stand for the four directions : North, East, West and South News may be formal or informal. In the early days, News Agencies served as a source for newspapers and radio. Reuters, AP, UPI are some of the agencies. In our younger days, there were Morning […]

RUBC [19] *

Swimming (after Rowing) Most members enjoy swimming in the Inya Lake after they had finished rowing. A few members do not know how to swim, but they are confident that the eights and fours will not capsize even if someone “catches a crab”. There were a few instances […]

FEARA Nov 1959 *

Newspaper clipping provided by U Tin Htoon RUBC RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club) took part in the FEARA (Far Eastern Amateur Rowing Association) Regatta held at Hong Kong in November 1959. U Tun Shein (Past Secretary) U Tun Shein (Willie Saing) is Ko Lin Tun’s father and U […]