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  • As of October 20, 2019, there are 6700+ members.
    The membership is growing exponentially.
    Many members help the group grow by posting interesting (and often nostalgic) articles and photos, by providing facts and data in the comments, by sharing selected posts and last but not the least inviting their friends to join the group.
  • Members are requested to follow the Netiquette (Etiquette when using networks). For example :
    No spam
    No advertising
    No link to irrelevant sites
    No flames (avoid calling names)
    Be courteous (e.g. express disagreement diplomatically)
  • There are 20000+ posts and 150+ posts daily for the past few days.
  • It is difficult if not impossible to read all the posts and the relevant comments.
    (a) One can save selected posts.
    (b) One can share selected posts.
    (c) One can go to the “Popular Topics” section organized by Dr. Nyi Thet Lwin (Admin of the Group) and select a Topic.
  • Due to the transition to Unicode-compliant fonts, one may not be able to read some postings (e.g. using the early Zawgyi fonts).
    For some reason, Zaw Decode (which can read Unicode almost perfectly and Zawgyi with 80 – 90% accuracy) no longer worked on some systems (especially after an OS upgrade).
    It is not convenient, but it is possible to have multiple Burmese fonts and manually switch the “preferred” one.

  • Dr. Nyi Thet Lwin (Admin) and his brother U Aung Mon (Moderator) have used Translation Software to convert selected posts (using Unicode compliant fonts) to Zawgyi and vice versa.
  • I have created 60+ albums using the photos from the posts (with credit given to the source where ever possible) and the photos from my archives.
    (a) Some photos (e.g. U Nu, Zawgyi) may appear in multiple albums.
    (b) I have added Comments to selected albums.
    (c) Thanks to Sayama Daw May Saw Lwin and several readers for providing interesting information about the photos.
  • Some members have complimented me for sharing my memories and expertise.
    I would like to thank my Thin Sayas (from primary school to post-graduate), Myin Sayas (e.g. hair dressers, cab drivers, former student leaders and politicians), and Kyar Sayas (e.g. characters from my father’s bed-time stories, books, encyclopedias).

Feedback from Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

[Ba Dwe] Dr Htin Aung did not get an ambassador post. He was Called a Minister (current title is Minster Counselor) and the office in Ceylon was under the Embassy in New Dehli. Sometime later, on one occasion, Ne Win said, “Where is Saya Htin Aung?”
Thi Han immediately called Dr Htin Aung to come back Ba Dwe could not find out why. It took nearly six months to see Ne Win. On meeting Ne Win, Ne Win asked why he had come back Ba Dwe explained about being called back and that he could not go back as another person had been sent. Ne Win told him he did not call back [from Ceylon]. He was thinking of his teacher and was just asking where was. Wasn’t it like Shwe Pyin Nyi Naung?
He asked Ba Dwe what he could do for him. Ba Dwe asked to leave Burma for Oxford. He left to be Fellow of St Anthony’s College.

The other dignitaries to be awarded honorary degrees were Prince Souphanouvong of Cambodia and Emperor Haile Salasie of Ethiopia together with my father in 1958. I had a photo of my father receiving the honorary LLD which he never used from PM U Ba Swe.

Selected Posts

  • Kabyars
    Yadana Thu, Novem Piink, Min Oo Idw …
    References : Zawgyi, Minthuwun, Maung Pan Hmay …
  • Memories
    Saya U Khin Zaw (Chemistry, Workers’ College)
    U Tin Aye
    Dr. Myo Thaik
    U Aung Kyaw San
    References : Mya Nadi Composer …
  • Polls

    Nominate movie related to RU
    (a) “Pann Dway Nei Wai”
    (b) “Collegian”

    Items for RU Centennial
    (a) Books and Magazines
    (b) Photo Exhibition
    (c) Photo Essays
    (d) Model turned Mai Daw Minthamees
    (e) Collection of Kabyars
    (f) Zay Yaung Bwe
Dr. Htin Aung
U Kyaw Myint

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