Tin U

Brief Biography

  • U Tin U matriculated in 1946 and attended Rangoon University. His classmates include Dr. Pe Nyun (GBNF), Dr. Pe Thein (GBNF) and Saya U Sein Hlaing (GBNF).
  • He is Past Captain and Gold of Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC).
  • He studied BSCE at the University of Oregon and MSCE at Yale University.
  • He served as Secretary of Burma Civil Engineering Society.
  • He is Past Captain of Rangoon Golf Club (RGC).

90th Birthday

  • On August 3, 2019, he celebrated his 90th birthday with a Soon Kyway at Dat Poung Zon Aung Min Gaung monastery, and with a sumptuous dinner at Winner Inn run by the family of Sayagyi U Ba Than (his younger brother).
  • U Tin Htoon (A60, another younger brother) compiled a Photo Album / Book highlighting U Tin U’s life as a birthday present.
  • Min Ko (eldest grandson of U Tin U) had earlier recorded an interview with his “Pho Pho”.


The following account of the Kidnapping is recounted by Dr. Khin Tun (Peter Tin U, his eldest son). Was it a series of coincidences or a miracle?

He had an experience of being kidnapped by his company driver who hired “insurgents” with criminal records, to do the job. They came to his office at Lewis street, and pretended to be from military intelligence in mufti. They asked him to come along with them for questioning. They asked the office driver to drive the company jeep up to A1 compound near 9th mile and let the driver to get off at a bus stop with a letter to give to my mother.

One of them took the driver seat and continued driving out of the city passing Mingaladon airport. When their jeep went past the Mingaladon Military Intelligence Centre (Yay Kyi Ine), my father became suspicious.

Luckily, there was a road block near Hmawbi, and the kidnappers tried and overtook the battle tanks in a convoy on the road. An off duty military police stopped the car, giving my father a chance to ask for help; my father reached the car key from the back seat and threw it away. The military police asked my father to drive instead and was later freed, after being taken to the military commander and the police station.

In the mean time my mother, who was doing research at Insein Railway Hospital, received a ransom letter at 11 am to bring 60,000 Kyats in a jute bag, wearing a red longyi to a road corner, near “Ar-lain-nga-sint” pagoda in “Mingaladon”, by 3 pm the same day.

The kidnappers’ plan was to torture and kill my father whether they received the ransom or not. The grudge was for sacking the driver who took sick leave, and went to work in another company to get 2 salaries.

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