Political Science

  • During our RIT days, we did not have to study Political Science.
  • Some of our juniors had to study Political Science.
  • I know three sayas who taught Political Science.

U Nyein Aung

He was among the sayas from the Supporting Departments, who were invited to attend SPZP-2007 in Singapore.

He was surprised when I mentioned that I had read his articles written in a Veda magazine.

One of his pseudonyms was “Aung Nyein U”, which is the reverse of his real name. He also wrote as “Saya Beda”. He writings cover astrology, palmistry, numerology, and Tarot cards.

He said, “Since you know a lot about people and their names, you should work in companies and projects that leverage your special skills.”

U Tha Din

He is a close friend of U Aye Ko, a member of RUBC.

I met U Tha Din at SPZP-2012 in Yangon.

U Khin Aung Bo

  • He has a B.Ed. He was recruited to teach Political Science at GTI.
  • I first met him at BARB.
  • He is the President of MARB (Myanmar Astro Research Bureau).


  • LSE is known for Economics.
  • It also teaches Political Science.
  • Its full name is the London School of Economics and Political Science.


  • There are several Ideologies (e.g. Capitalism, Socialism).
  • Most are ideal on paper and not so ideal in practice.
  • The choice of “Burmese Way to Socialism” had dire consequences on the nation. Burma lost its status as the “Rice Bowl of Asia” and the envy of neighboring nations to be ultimately designated as LDC (Least Developed Country).

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