Philosophy and Psychology

Update : February 19, 2020

Dr. Hla Bu was Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at Rangoon University.

Later, Rangoon University established two departments

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology


Philosophy is derived from “Phil” (meaning Love [of]) and “sophy” (meaning wisdom).

Advanced degrees often have “Philosophy” (to mean “Love of wisdom”). They include

  • M.Phil (Master of Philosophy)
  • Ph.D (Doctorate in Philosophy)

Under the then new Education (starting in 1964), some students with “low” ILA (Intelligence Level Aggregate) were “assigned” to study Philosophy.

Ko Win Myint, who was a High School Luyechun from Myeik (Mergui), ended up studying Philosophy, but he did not lose heart and eventually became a computer programmer.

The New Education System led to the end of Liberal (well-rounded) education.

Dr. Khin Maung Win was Professor of Philosophy. He served as Minister of Education in the BSPP era.

U San Lwin was a Lecturer, but he was also known as author (e.g. famous Philosophers), hypnotist, movie director, and monk (discussing comparative religion)


Psychology is derived from “Psycho” (meaning Mind) and “logy” (meaning study [of]).

Dr. Hla Thwin, father of U Mya Thwin (Philip, EP75), served as Professor of Psychology.

Dr. Kyaw Sein served as Minister of Education in the BSPP era.

The term Psychology appears in some computer books :

  • The Psychology of Programming (by G. Weinberg)
  • The Psychology of Computer Vision (by P. H. Winston)

There are some experiments and studies including

  • Stimulus-response
  • Stanford “prison”

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