Stereo Khit

Tun Naung

  • Tekkatho Tun Naung (1st BDS) was selected Tekkaatho Lu Ye Chun for the Inlay Khaung Daing Camp in 1965. He was from the second batch of students from Dental College (later Dental Institute).
  • He used to play Mandolin placed on his back (preferably in front of the lady hostels).
  • He also entertained at the Camp by playing his mandolin.
  • He is credited as a co-founder of Stereo Khit along with Accordion Ohn Kyaw.


  • The evangelists include Min Min Latt and Kyawt Hmu.
  • Musicians who have gained experience with the BBS Local Talent and Variety Show and free public appearances (e.g. Playboy band at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Rangoon University in 1970) turned professional.
  • English, Chinese and Indian songs were provided Burmese lyrics.
  • Sai Kham Leik was one of the few who created hit songs with original melody and lyrics. Sai Htee Saing was his primary choice for singing his songs.

Studios and Shops

Recording Studios sprang up.
They include

  • Sabai Oo
  • Lynn
  • May
  • Kumudra

Many shops sold mass-produced cassette tapes. Most played for 60 minutes. Tapes for 90 and 120 minutes often got stuck in the players.

Several shops allow a la carte. One can select songs and have them recorded in a tape.

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