A proverb
(1) is a simple and concrete saying
(2) is often passed down generations
(3) is told and retold repeatedly
(4) conveys a truth
(5) based on common sense
(6) may have origins in the Holy Books and History.

There are proverbs in most languages.

There are “Dueling Proverbs” : two proverbs which seemingly contradict each other. Each may be correct based on the context.

Example of Dueling Proverbs:

Ta Ywa Ma Pyaung Thu Kaung Ma Phit
(One will not progress if one does not relocate).

Thay Chin Day Kyar Taw Pyaung
(A tiger who wants to face death relocates to a new forest).

Is relocation (moving to a new place or finding a new job) beneficial or harmful?

During our younger days, we read a series of books on Burmese Proverbs written by a Headmistress.

Saya Dr. Hla Pe, Professor at the School of Oriental and Asian Studies (in the UK), published a book on Burmese Proverbs.

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