• Some musicians play by the ear.
  • They may know musical notation, but they often want to improvise.
  • Examples include the Saing Waing and the Jazz troupes.
  • Bands and orchestras use Music Sheets.
  • Conductors add comments and instructions as guide lines for the musicians in the team.
  • I studied some fundamentals of music, and I can play some musical instruments.
  • Clefs (Treble & Bass)
    Mnemonics such as F-A-C-E, Every Good Boy Does Fine
  • Keys (Major, Minor)
  • Chords
  • Terms & symbols (e.g. quaver, semi-quaver, semi-demi-quaver)
  • Timing (e.g. /4, waltz)
  • My cousin uncle U Than Lwin (GBNF) bought me a booklet which had the Relative Notation (1 for DO, 2 for RE, …, and dots to denote the octave).
  • I learned to play using that notation some of Mar Mar Aye’s song (e.g. “Thet Tant Baw Hmar Kasar Mei“).
  • Until musical software came along, it was not trivial to transpose music from a sheet into a different key.
  • The Book on BASIC had an example for transposition of musical keys.
  • MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and versatile Keyboards come along.
  • The innovation & information/knowledge explosion are difficult to keep up.
    One simply has to selectively learn new things without getting burned out.


  • Piano means “soft”. Forte means “strong”. Pianoforte is a musical instrument that can play soft and hard notes. It is more commonly known as Piano.
  • Many composers (e.g. Chopin, Bach, Beethoven) created masterful pieces for the piano.
  • Pianos come in various sizes and flavors. There are Baby Pianos, Regular/Standard Pianos, and Grand Pianos.
  • The traditional piano comes with Black & White Keys, Pedals, Hammers to strike Strings.
  • “Piano Tuner” is the name of a hit movie.
  • U Bo Gyi (A59) and U Kyaw Oo (M67, GBNF) tuned their pianos.
  • My cousin uncle U Than Lwin owned two pianos.
    He used to play Classical music for the BBS English program — at the request of BBS U Hla Bu (Uncle Percy), Aunty Olive and Allison Gaudoin — at the old BBS station in Windermere Crescent.
  • Composer U Hla Moe (a distant cousin) would visit U Than Lwin and displayed some of his new compositions.
  • U Than Lwin bought a new piano.
    He allowed me to play.
  • Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS) used to have a program called “Keyboard Constellation”.
  • Horowitz, a renowned pianist, said, “If I don’t practice for a day, only I will know. If I don’t practice for three days, my mum will know. If I don’t practice for seven days [or more], my audience will know.”

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