Six Degrees of Separation

  • In a study, a group of people were given letters (or packages) with the destination address. They were asked to forward them to someone, who they believe might know someone, and so on.
  • On the average, it took six links for the letter (or package) to reach the destination.
  • The experiment is also known as “Six Degrees of Separation”.

Internet Age

  • A similar experiment was repeated in the Internet age with e-mails (or similar).
  • It took about four links.
  • Has the world shrunk?

Strength of Links

  • There is conventional wisdom stating, “A chain is as strong as the weakest link”.
  • Hackers and Crackers (Criminal Hackers) try to find out the weakest link.
  • There is unconventional wisdom stating, “Your weakest relation (e.g. those who meet in a church or temple) might often prove to be more helpful that your strongest relation (e.g. families and friends).”
  • For example, a weak relation might help you get a job.
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Million Man March (to Washington DC) were made possible by the seemingly “weak” relations.
  • [My fervent wish] Who knows if there are “weak” relations (lurking in the Internet), who might help me transform my posts into an e-book, a printed book or a series of lectures to help our beloved motherland and alma mater.


  • My posts cover different topics.
  • We need volunteers to add hyperlinks to the posts, so that a reader can easily follow a selected thread.

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