Hope for the best

Sama Duwa Sinwa Naung

President Designate

Sama Duwa Sinwa Naung was to succeed Mahn Win Maung as the President of the Union of Burma.

But, a Coup d’etat took place on March 2, 1962. The rationale of the Coup was to [supposedly] “prevent the Union from diving towards the Abyss.”

Mahn Win Maung was put in custody along with most senior members (Prime Minister U Nu and his Cabinet, Chief Justice U Myint Thein).

Several Shan Sawbwas were also placed under arrest.

Revolutionary Council

According to Kyemon U Thaung (Aung Bala, GBNF), seven of the 17 members of the Revolutionary Council did not know about the major decisions and proclamations.

Brigadier General T Clift (Air Force) resigned from the Revolutionary Council.

Commodore Than Pe (Navy) was the first member from the Revolutionary Council to pass away. He is a founding member of RUBC. He served a few terms as Captain of RUBC. He succeeded Sir Arthur Eggar as President of RUBC.

From the Rice Bowl of Asia to the Least Developed Country

With the senior members of the Pyidaung Su Party (formerly Thant Shin @ Clean AFPFL) and Pha Sa Pa La (formerly Ti Mye @ Stable AFPFL) behind bars or out of the country, Marxist leaning authors borrowed some terms from the Scriptures to come up with the “Burmese Way to [Nowhere] Socialism”.

Grapevine says that disagreements within the Revolutionary Council (which had expanded to 30 or so members) resulted in some being kicked upstairs (mostly as Ambassadors).

Nationalization too wide, too quick and unplanned), Demonetization (three or so times), and Nepotism, resulted in Burma — once the “Rice Bowl of Asia” — to scarcity of rice and ultimately to be LDC (Least Developing Country).

I am not a Political Scientist, Social Scientist, or Management Guru to judge the shortcomings of the Past.

Kamma means action. We should not blame our misfortune on Fate.

We could learn lessons from History and learn from the advances in the world.

I hope to see our beloved country free from rote learning students who do not have time or energy to develop the five Balas (or strengths) :

  • Kaya Bala
  • Nyana Bala
  • Bawga Bala
  • Meikta Bala
  • Caritta Bala

U Ko Ko Kyi (EC72) wrote :

Ko Hla Min I remember that under the so-called socialist MaSaLa government, the five Balas were changed to four Balas. They took out the “Bawga Bala”, as the socialist policy was that people should not be encouraged to become wealthy. There were many instances of wealthy people becoming poor and destitute during that period of time in Burma. There was a MaSaLa minister, who said during a meeting at his ministry, that they (the MaSaLa government) had to work hard for Burma to become an LDC (Least Developed Country).

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