There are two kinds of Hockey :

  • Field Hockey
  • Ice Hockey

Field Hockey

  • In our younger days, Theinbyu Ground was used for Field Hockey.
  • Suk Bahadur (Captain of the Burma Soccer Team) and Dr. Harry Saing (Htut Saing, Past Captain and Gold of RUBC, Pediatric Surgeon of “Ma Nan Soe – Ma Nan San” fame as Chief Assistant to Dr. Pe Nyun) also excelled at hockey.
  • Rangoon University and later the All Universities and Institutes had hockey teams.
  • For some time, India and Pakistan were power houses in hockey. Several nations have overtaken them.

RIT Hockey

  • According to Ko Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ, EC76), he was the last defender of the RIT Hockey team. Ko Thura Thant Zin (RUBC Gold, Past President of BASES, M76) was the goalkeeper.
  • The photo of some RIT Hockey players in the 70s was provided by KMZ.

Standing L-R: Thein Lwin (EP77-CA/USA), Tin Myint (), Pyo Win (M76), Htay Aung (M76-Aus??), Saya U Tin Hlaing (M), Tin Oo Thein (C7x-Australia), Khin Maung Zaw (EC76-WA/USA), Thein Htun Aung (EC76-CA/USA), ??, Ebrahim Mehta (Met76-NY/USA)

Sitting L-R: Thein Zaw (??), Moe Zaw, Soe Aung (M75-CA/USA), Moosa Mehta (EC73-WA/USA), Win Bo (EC76-TX/USA), Nay Win (EP7?-??), Dudley Moore, Win Aung Nyunt @ Cho Pi (EP76-GBNF)

Ice Hockey

  • NHL (National Hockey League) is made up of ice hockey teams from US and Canada.
  • A game is played over three periods of 20 minutes each. A tied game will go into overtime.
  • At any given time, six players from a team are on the ice. Typically, there is a goalkeeper, two backs, two wings and a center forward. Power plays occur when a player is penalized for a specified period.
  • The teams vie for Stanley Cup.

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