De La Salle Brothers

A Catholic Brother is one who has taken three vows :

  • Chasity
  • Loyalty
  • Poverty.
  • De LaSalle Brothers is an Order in the Catholic Church.
  • Their mission is to promote education.
  • They founded several schools in Burma.
    St. Patrick’s High School (Moulmein)
    St. Paul’s High School (Rangoon)
    St. Peter’s High School (Mandalay)
    St. Albert’s High School (Maymyo)
    St. Joseph’s High School (Loikaw)
    St. Columban’s High School (Bhamo) and
    De La Salle School (Twante).

BOB, Paulians, Peterites, Albertians, …

  • Alumni of the above schools are called Brothers’ Old Boys (B.O.B).
  • Eight Siblings — Bohmu Thawdar Sein, Professor U Myo Myint Sein, …, Bphmu Tin Htoo Sein and Saya U Tin Htet Sein — are all BOBs.
  • Most if not all Nine Siblings named Wan (who lived in U Wisara Road) are Paulians. The eldest was active in Hiking and Mountaineering. Than Soe (3rd brother) represented Burma in Volleyball.

There were Brothers with various roles. Some may have multiple roles.

  • Brother Director
    e.g. Brother Hubert, Brother Peter, Brother Edmund, Brother Felix, Brother Clementian
    Brother Hubert was in charge when I joined Std. IV(D) and when I matriculated from Std. X(A)
    Brother Edmund died in a robbery when I was in Std. V(D).
    Brother Felix was in charge for two or three years.
    Brother Clementian retired as Brother Director, but continued teaching High School Mathematics till he passed away.
  • Brother Sub-Director
    e.g. Brother Urban
  • Brothers with teaching roles : Class teacher, Subject teacher
    e.g. Brother Anthony, Brother Xavier, Brother Austin, Brother Clementian, Brother Joseph
    Brother Anthony was Class Teacher for VIII(A) and taught Mathematics.
    Brother Xavier was Class Teacher for IX(A) and taught English.
    Brother Austin was Class Teacher for X(A) and taught English.
    Brother Clementian taught Mathematics for X(A) and X(B).
    Brother Joseph was in charge of the Laboratory.
  • Brothers with specific roles : Book shop, Librarian, Band Leader, Brother in charge of Boarders, Brother in charge of Athletics
    e.g. Brother Canice, Brother Austin, Brother Gerald, Brother Benedict, Brother Henry Peter
    Brother Canice assigned me to help with the school library in IV(D).
    Brother Austin served as the school librarian in our high school days.
    Brother Gerald was the Band Master and often leads by riding on his horse. Many Boarders are members of the band.
    There was a short Brother in charge of the Book shop.
    Brother Benedict taught some classes junior to us, and also coached the soccer team.
    Most brothers have a single name such as Brother Henry and Brother Peter, but there was one brother named Henry Peter (probably named to disambiguate names).

The Brothers are assigned to a different school after a specified period.

St. Patrick’s High School

Alumni include

  • U Ngwe Zoe (Peter Gale, Medical Technologist, GBNF)
  • Sayadaw U Jotika (EP73)
  • U Kyaw Thu (Dennis Mackey, C73)

St. Paul’s High School

Old Paulians include

  • ICS U Tin Tut (first Burmese ICS by invitation)
  • U Chan Htoon (Justice)
  • Dr. Ba Han (Lexicographer, Lawyer)
  • Dr. Ba Maw (Politician, Adipati)
  • U Than Aung (Minister of Education in the AFPFL Governement)
  • U Ba Khin (First in Burma in Matriculation, Auditor General, Vipassana Meditation Teacher)

Honor Roll

During our school dayas, SPHS had an Honor Roll with the outstanding Matriculates : mostly who stood first in Burma like

  • George Chapman (1951)
  • Dr, Nyunt Tin (1952)
  • Koon Yin Chu (Phillip, 1954)
  • Dr. Soe Win (1958) followed by Robert Sein (2nd in Burma)
    Dr. Soe Win is the son of Saya U Sein and the nephew of Saya U Kyaw Sein.
  • Dr. Frankie Ohn (1959) followed by three (2nd, 3rd and 4th in Burma)
  • Dr. Khin Maung U (1963) followed by four (2nd to 5th in Burma)

Note : Sayagyi U Ba Khin (Vipassana Meditation Teacher) was first in Burma prior to the Honor Roll.

  • After nationalization, the Honor Roll disappeared.
  • It was recovered by U Soe Nyunt (Taw Win Hnin Si, Royal Rose).

St. Peter’s High School

In 1956, students from St. Peter’s stood First, Second and Joint Third in the matriculation examination.

Alumni include

  • Saya U Thein Tan (C64)
  • Saya Des Rodgers (English)
  • Saya U Myo Min (Geology)
  • Dr. Kyaw Win (Willie Han)
  • U Hla Myint Thein (Patrick, C69)
  • U Ohn Khine (M70)

St. Albert’s High School

Alumni include

  • U San Aung (UBA)
    Rowing and Boxing
  • U Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70)
    Admitted to 1st BE in 1964 as Roll Number One
  • Saw Maung Maung Htwe
    Outstanding athlete (still running Marathons)
  • Dr. Freddie Tun Thoung
    Represented IM in Track and Field, Rowing, Swimming and Basketball
  • Dr. Robin Chan (Surgeon, Italy)
    Helped hospitals and monasteries regarding Health


  • U Myint Thein (David, M69) is an alumnus of St. Columban.
  • U Win Maung (part Karen) is an alumnus of De La Salle Twante.

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