• Ye Aung is an actor.
  • [Per Eddie Shein] : Brigadier General Ye Chit Pe (Retired, MEHS64) is my classmate M 70. He descended from Thu Kaung Myoo, a title giving by Myanmar Kings.
  • U Ye Gaung (EE80) established May Recording Studio.
  • U Ye Gaung was a Minister.
  • Ye Khaung was a Student Political Party.
  • U Ye Lwin attended GTI and RIT. He is a Bass Guitarist and Leader of E-Machine & Myizzima Hlaing.
  • [Per Dr. TOKM] : Dr. Ye Myint is Burma’s second cardiac surgeon (first was the late Dr. Khin Maung Thaw).
  • [Per Dr. TOKM] : Prof. U Ye Myint was a renowned laparoscopic surgeon.
  • U Ye Myint (ChE70) taught at RIT before moving to Singapore. He donated to RIT and ChE.
  • U Ye Myint (EE72) is the elders son of Sayagyi U Ba Toke. He accompanied Sayagyi to SPZP-2000 held in the USA.
  • U Ye Myint, father of Zayanda, is a classmate of Uzin Chan Min.
  • [Per Dr. TOKM] : Prof. Ye Myint Kyaw, pen name Linga Ye Kyaw: Paediatrician, author of over 20 books, script write for the three books made into movies. Regular contributor of both medical and non medical topics.
  • U Ye Sint taught Physics before moving to the USA. He was VP of TBSA, and Editor of Dhammananda Newsletter and the Memorial Book for Sayadaw U Silananda. He has published four books with the pen name “Ogga”.
  • Ye Swe (Boxing)
  • Ye Tint (Boxing)
  • Ye Yint is a cinema.

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