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Updated : August 27, 2019

The list is not exhaustive.
Need feedback for omissions and corrections.


  • Sayama Dr. Naing Naing Aung (Metallurgy)
  • U Naing Than is an Executive of MRTV. There is a “Kan Soe Kan Kaung” story. His mother was killed by a hit-and-run motorist.
    His father U Than Lwin was doing OK with his business. He studied Japanese at IFL (Institute of Foreign Languages) and later put it to practice by helping the Japanese veterans trying to locate the remains of the deceased soldiers. The veterans asked how they can help U Than Lwin. He supposedly replied, ” I want you to help my children study in Japan”. The rest is history.
  • Dr. Naing Tint San (Peter Ba San) was a staff doctor at the Inlay Luyechun Camp in 1965.
  • U Naing Win (Tommy Chit Maung, SPHS63, son of Widura Thakin Chit Maung).
  • U Naing Win (M70, GBNF). His spouse Polly Ba San is Burma selected in swimming.

Naing (in middle and end of name)

  • Dr. Than Naing (Bonnie Kywe, SPHS66) taught Geology. He moved to Australia. He hosted a Paulian Gathering at the Olympic Park during my visit to Sydney in 2006.
  • U Than Naing (Herman Ba Hpyu, Playboy) is a drummer and vocalist. He is the son of U Ba Hpyu and the brother of U Sein Lwin (vocalist).
  • U Kyaw Naing is a member of the Playboy band.
  • Tommy Kyaw Naing is a member of the Playboy band.
  • U Tint Naing (M76, UCC) worked on air safety and worthiness.


  • Nan Nyunt Swe (Writer)
  • U Nan Wai (Artist)


  • U Nay Myo San
  • U Nay Win (M69, GBNF) was my classmate at PPBRS and RIT. He taught at a Polytechnic in Singapore.
  • Collegian Nay Win was a Burma Selected footballer and an Academy award winning actor.
  • British Burma Nay Win studied Cinematography in the USA.


  • U Ne Win (Former Number One).
  • U Ne Win Myint (Victor Win, ChE66, BADA, GBNF)


  • Ngwe Pale (Silvery Pearl) Dairy is owned by U Tin Win (T70) and Daw Khin Than Win (T70, GBNF).
  • U Ngwe Soe (Walter, M69, UTC, Guitarist)
  • U Ngwe Soe (UBA/BAC pilot, Eldest son of U Ne Win and Daw Tin Tin)
  • U Ngwe Soe (Silver, UCC) moved to Singapore. He hosted me during a visit to Singapore.
  • Saya U Ngwe Thein (Geology)
  • Daw Ngwe Tin (UCC)
  • Saya U Ngwe Tun (Civil) owned a book shop.
  • U Ngwe Tun (Tun Tun, SPHS63, C69). He usually hosts a 69er Monthly Gathering for his birthday.
  • U Ngwe Zoe (Peter Gale, St. Patrick, SPHS57, Medical Technologist, GBNF) attended the first batch of Para-Medical Studies.

Ngwe (in middle and end of name)

  • U Aye Ngwe (Railways, GBNF)
  • U Aye Ngwe (Edwin Ngwe, SPHS63)
  • Saya U Kyaw Ngwe (Principal, TTC) authored textbooks with Mr. Sanban.
  • Daw Lily Kyaw Ngwe (PBRS) perished in a car accident.
  • U Thein Ngwe (ChE76) co-founded RIT Alumni in Japan (RITAJ). His pen name is Ko Thein (Tokyo).


  • U Ni was a Koyingyi at Popa Taung Kalutt.
  • Daw Ni Ni Win Shwe (Vocalist)
  • Saya U Nita Pe (Elder brother of Peter Pe (RIT Swimming, GBNF)


  • Dr. Nyi Nyi (Former Deputy Minister of Education) retired from the UN.
  • U Nyi Nyi (Father of U Khin Maung Htun (GBNF), U Khin Maung Lay (GBNF) and U Khin Maung Aye (GBNF))
  • U Nyi Nyi (BBS). He and his brother U Myint Soe played and sang for the Local Talents.
  • U Nyi Pu (First Burmese movie actor). His compnay Maha Weikazhto Film produced Thamankyar.


  • U Nyo was a philanthropist. He donated several buildings for Rangoon University Estate.
  • Oway U Nyo Mya was a journalist. His article “Hell Hound at large” was partly responsible for the expulsion of Bogyoke Aung San from Rangoon University.
  • Dr. Nyo Nyo Sein
  • Dr. Nyo Win (M65) taught at RIT. He is a founding member of RIT Alumni International and an organizer for SPZP-2000.


  • U Nyunt Aung (C73) relocated to the UK. He is the son of U Soe Aung (early alumni).
  • Saya U Nyunt Maung (SPHS)
  • U Nyunt Maung (Former Deputy Ministry of National Planning and Finance).
  • U Nyunt Maung San (C70, Organizer for the Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65).
  • Daw Nyunt Nyunt Wai (Millie Hoe, T69) is a major donor to the 69er Health Care Fund. She lives in Germany.
  • Daw Nyunt Nyunt Win (Physics, Registrar of RASU, spouse of U G Ko Lay (Chief Editor, WPD, RUBC Gold, GBNF)).
  • U Nyunt Than (M86, Past President of BADA, and Joint Secretary of NorCal RITAA)
  • Dr. Nyunt Tin (SPHS52) was first in Burma in the Matriculation of 1952. Sithu U Tin, his father, succeeded Commodore Than Pe as President of RUBC. His brother Saya U Han Tin is Past Captain and Gold of RUBC.
  • U Nyunt Tin (M70) played Table Tennis for RIT. He relocated to the USA. He is a cousin brother of U Myint Sein (Principal, BARB, IDEA).
  • U Nyunt Tin wrote a Chemistry book in Burmese.
  • U Nyunt Tin (Vocalist)
  • Dr. Nyunt Wai (Victor Nyunt, SPHS63) stood fourth in Matriculation in 1963. He retired as Professor of Physiology. He taught at IM and Malaysia. His hobbies include painting and writing poetry and articles in his spare time.
  • U Nyunt We was an Executive Committee member of NLD.
  • Dr. Nyunt Win (Eddie Tha Win) relocated to Australia. His spouse is Dr. Marie Yu Khin (SPHS60).
  • U Nyunt Win (Academy Award winning actor)
  • Saya U Nyunt Win (Chemistry). His brother is Saya Dr. Ko Gyi (Chemistry).

Nyunt (in middle or end of name)

  • U Ba Nyunt (EE58) taught at the Faculty of Engineering. He transferred to MOC.
  • “Chit Doke Kha” U Ba Nyunt is Professor and vocalist. He is the father of Academy winning actor Win Oo.
  • U Han Nyunt is a Paulian. His spouse Daw Aye Aye Kyi (UCC) is GBNF.
  • U Hla Nyunt (father of Mary Nicely) taught Burmese at the US Naval School and/or Defense Language Institute.
  • U Kaung Nyunt (Physics. Principal of Regional College).
  • Dr. Koung Nyunt (A67, Kogyi Koung, GBNF) wrote several articles for “RIT Alumni International Newsletter”. He served as Secretary of the RIT Photography Club. Partially, due to the then Immigration rules in Burma and Japan, he and Moe Moe (his Japanese spouse) decided to move to New Zealand for their children’s future. He is the younger brother of U Than Soe (M63, RUBC Gold).
  • U Kyaw Nyunt (M69, Tennis, GBNF)
  • Sagaing Kyi Nyunt was Burma Champion for Badminton in Singles and Doubles (with Sai Kham Pan (EP69)). He won a Bronze medal in Asian Games.
  • U Maung Maung Nyunt worked for MOC and Total.
  • “Ah Yan” Than Nyunt (Army officer)
  • U Sein Nyunt was my classmate at SPHS
  • U Soe Nyunt and Daw Khin Ma Ma taught Mathematics at DSA and RASU.
  • U Soe Nyunt is an Old Croc. He joined the Army.
  • U Soe Nyunt (Hti Lar Sithu) is a writer and former Deputy Minister.
  • Dr. Than Nyunt (George Nyunt, Retired minister, Past Captain and Gold of RUBC)
  • U Thaung Nyunt (M87) is served as Secretary of NorCal RITAA. He is the current Vice President.
  • U Thein Nyunt (Retired Secretary of Religious Affairs) is the father of U Soe Myint (M72, Pro-Rector, ICST) and the grandfather of Maung Yit and Junior Win.
  • Dr. Thein Nyunt (Professor and Writer named “Pa Mauk Kha Thein”)
  • Daw Thiri Nyunt We (UCC)
  • Saya U Tin Maung Nyunt (M60) donated $500 to the Training Component of the YTU Library Modernization Project.
  • Saya U Tin Maung Nyunt (Met70) is the spouse of Sayama Victoria Simons (Met70).
  • U Tin Nyunt (Actor)
  • Champion Tin Nyunt (Ah Than Tu)
  • Saya U Tin Nyunt (Institute of Economics) taught Industrial Management at RIT.

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