Names : H (Revision 0.3)

Updated : August 27, 2019

The list is not exhaustive.
Need feedback for omissions and corrections.


  • U Han Kyu Pe (SPHS64, A70, GBNF)
  • U Han Ngwe Tun (Raymond Tun Ngwe) is a guitarist for bands including Super Star. His brother U Aung Ngwe Tun (Glen) studied at UCC.
  • U Han Nyo (Met60) became a monk in the USA. He helped for a period with the monastery in Mexico.
  • U Han Nyunt (SPHS63, Spouse of Daw Aye Aye Kyi (UCC, GBNF))
  • Bohmu Han Nyunt
  • U Han Nyunt (SPHS63, Spouse Daw Aye Aye Kyi (UCC, GBNF)
  • U Han Sein, U Han Shein (Hla Moe, GBNF) and U Han Swan are brothers from Tavoy (Dawei). U Hla Moe coxed the Senior Novices crew comprising of U Than Soe (RUBC Gold), U Chit Swe, U Yin Maung and Dr. Bryon Law Yone. He and his three crew members rowed for the Faculty of Engineering.
  • U Han Sein (C69, Tone Kyaw)
  • U Han Sein (M72, RIT,Navy, Deputy Minister)
  • U Han Tha Myint (EC70, PTC) was an early casualty for 8-8-88. He joined NLD and is a senior member.
  • U Han Thein (Gallant Leong) and his brother George were my classmates at SPHS.
  • Saya U Han Tin (Past Captain and Gold of RUBC) is the younger son of Sithu U Tin, who succeeded Commodore Than Pe as President of RUBC.
    [Per Dr. TOKM] : U Han Tin MPhil University of London (younger brother of Dr Nyunt Tin, first in Burma in the Matriculation of 1952) was professor of English, University of Education. Migrated to Australia.
  • U Han Tin (Sculptor)
  • U Han Tin (RASU, RUBC)
  • U Han Tun (SPHS63, DSA) was my classmate at PPBRS along with U Nay Win (M69, GBNF). His spouse is the sister of U Thet Tun (Henry, M75, Australia).
  • Bohmu Han Tun (Health)
  • U Han Tun Maung represented SPHS in Track & Field and Football (Soccer). He was active in several organizations as President or Executive Committee Member. They include (a) Old Paulian Association (b) Kokkine Swimming Club (c) Archery Club (d) Equestrian Club. His family owned a racing horse named “Sein Hlyan” and a cafe of the same name. His friends called him “Hanuman”.
  • U Han Zaw (Past President of MES and Minister of Construction) used to accompany his spouse Daw Thwin Thwin Aye Hmi (Olive, A69) to the 69er Gatherings.


  • Hein Latt (PBRS, Writer)

Hein (in middle or end of name)

  • Bogyi Ba Hein became Principal of No. (6) Botathaung State High School (after the Nationalization of SPHS).
  • Dr. Daisy Ba Hein and Dr. Edwin Ba Hein (Yi Thway) are medical doctors.
  • U Kyaw Hein had an illustrious character : youth gang leader, early graduate of the “Yoke Shin Thindan”, Academy award winning actor, director, and monk.
  • U Kyaw Zan Hein (“Shwee”, GBNF) entered the first ever 2nd BE with Roll Number 14. He jokingly said that the original Roll Number 14 decided not to attend RIT, and he became a last minute replacement. Before the advent of Word Processing Systems, it was difficult if not impossible to renumber the Roll Numbers on the cyclostyle (wax) sheets.
  • U Moe Hein (ChE69) represented RIT in swimming and water polo. He was named “Ajala” after the Nigerian who led protests in front of the US Embassy in Rangoon. U Moe Hein’s voice can overcome several voices from the supporters of other universities and institutes. He is partly responsible for making me a “Tone Kyaw”.
  • U Myo Hein (EE69er) is fondly called “Moke Seik”.
  • U Saw Ba Hein was a member of the 1936 Student Strike.


  • Henry (U Khin Maung Lay, T68, USA)
  • Henry Chee (U Myint Lwin, C63, GBNF)
  • Henry Khin Hlaing (U Thet Tun, M75, Australia)
  • Henry Kyin (U Thet Lwin, EE71, USA)
  • Henry Lim (U Aung Myint, BAPS, Golden Padauk Magazine)
  • Henry Maung Maung (Census, DAC, GBNF)
  • Henry Pham (Saya U Than Lwin, EC69)
  • Henry Sein (Ah Myotha Yoke Shin)


  • U Hla succeeded U Soe Thein as Registrar of RIT.
  • Ludu U Hla is a prolific writer, journalist and publisher.
  • U Hla Aung taught at UCC, DCS and ICST.
  • U Hla Aung (EP68) occasionally provides comments on my posts.
  • U Hla Bu (Father of Margie, Stanley, Freddie, Bobby and Sai Wunna)
  • Dr. Hla Bu (Musician)
  • U Hla Bu (Percy Looney, BBS)
  • Daw Hla Hla Myint
  • Dr. Daw Hla Hla Sein taught Mathematics at RIT. She is the sister of Daw Mya Mya Sein and Daw Myint Myint Sein (M70).
  • U Hla Khin (Navy) represented Burma in Rowing and Yachting.
  • U Hla Khin (Dawei)
  • U Hla Maung (Burma Selection for Football)
  • Saya U Hla Maung (Burmese, Abhidhamma). He was a member of the Myanmar Sar Ah Phwe (Burmese Language Commission).
  • U Hla Maung (father of Ronnie Hla Maung my classmate at SPHS) was a Thamadi Myo Wun.
  • U Hla Maung (son of Auditor General U San Maung) volunteered as an interpreter for dhamma talks.
  • U Hla Min (EC69, UCC, DCS, ICST, RIT Alumni International, NorCal RITAA).
    I wrote poems, articles and translations in Guardian, Working People’s Daily (WPD), Forward Magazine, Veda Magazine, Pan Magazine, RIT Alumni International Newsletter, Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung and Swel Daw Yeik Magazine.
    I wrote Lecture Guides and User Manuals with Saya U Soe Paing and Saya U Aung Zaw. I wrote as Hla Min (Systems) during my UCC days.
    I founded RIT Alumni International Newsletter in 1999 and served for two decades as Chief Editor.
    I wrote the poem “SAYA PU ZAW PWE” for SPZP-2000. Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War) and team reprinted the poem for the Back Cover of the Commemorative Issue of Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung for SPZP-2002.
    I now blog as Hla Min (Life Long Learner).
    I became a “Tone Kyaw” when my name sake Hla Min (SPHS64, EP70, Chief Operator at UCC) passed away.
    I served as Language Expert for the Burmese Language Lessons compiled by the National Language Center (NLC) at the University of Maryland (College Park).
    Nine of my articles were published in the “Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife” (ABC-CLIO Press).
  • U Hla Min (Pauk Si, CO, EP70, UCC, GBNF)
  • U Hla Min (Physics, UCC, Singapore)
  • U Hla Min (Minister)
  • Bogyoke Hla Min (Kenneth, MI)
  • U Hla Min (Writer)
  • Saya M Hla Min (SPHS, Moosaji, RUBC Gold)
  • Bohmu Dr. Hla Min (Eddie, RUBC Gold, Orthopedic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Hla Min (Tommy, OG, DAC)
  • Saya Dr. Hla Myint (Mack, ChE57) taught at RIT. He worked in Thailand and Australia.
  • Saya Dr. Hla Myint (“Ah Ba”) is a revered sayagyi in the Medical Community.
  • Saya Dr. Hla Myint (Economics)
  • Sayama Daw Hla Myint (Connie, Institute of Economics)
  • U Hla Myint Thein (Maurice Chee, M75) is a founding member of RIT Alumni International and NorCal RITAA. He co-chaired SPZP-2000 and also won multiple hats (Financial Controller, Publisher of the commemorative issue of RIT Alumni International Newsletter). He donated books by him, Saya Allen Htay and Victor Wong (C66) to YTU Library. He gave a seminar at the Mechanical Engineering Department at YTU.
  • Saya U Hla Myint Thein (Patrick, C69) taught at RIT. His parents encouraged him and his family members to run business. He donated to selected monasteries in Myanmar.
  • Saya U Hla Nyunt (Physics)
  • U Hla Nyunt (father of Mary Nicely) taught Burmese at the US Naval School and/or Defense Language Institute.
  • Colonel Hla Oung (Minister, President of the Burma Hiking and Mountaineering Association)
  • U Hla Pe became Sayadaw U Vinaya (Chief Resident monk of Kaba Aye Sunlun Gu Kyaung).
  • Dr. Hla Pe was a Professor at the School of Oriental and Asian Studies in the UK. He wrote “Burmese Proverbs”.
  • U Hla Pe (UCC)
  • U Hla Pe (Father of U Tin Tun (M69))
  • Dr. Hla Phay (Henry Lee) is a Past President of USBMA.
  • U Hla Soe (Gyobinkauk), U Ba Soe, U Wan Maung and a Catholic Priest were tried and convicted of helping Kyaw Swar Myint (PSO).
    [Per Dr. TOKM] : Father defended U Ba Soe, U Hla Soe and their brother in law U Wan Maung on this case. They were sentenced for seven years but released after five years. The Catholic priest was deported. When the priest was on the stand, he talked about being tortured and interrogated by military intelligence with electrode wires on his private parts. He appeared only for one day only and was hastily deported without any more court appearance.
  • Hla Thaung is a recipient of “Aung San Thuriya”. There is a school named in his honor.
  • U Hla Thaung (Minn Aung, EP69) is a Khamee Khamet of U Aung Khin (EP68).
  • Prof. U Hla Thein served as Professor of Pathology, Institute of Medicine 1 Rangoon
  • U Hla Thein is a Dhamma Khahtika (Lecturer for Dhamma)
  • U Hla Thin, father of U Htin Aung (Richard), was a Government Advocate and Judge.
  • Dr. Hla Thwin, father of Dr. Aye Aye Thwin and U Mya Thwin (Phillip), was Professor of Psychology at the University of Rangoon.
  • U Hla Win (M73-75) is an organizer for SPZP and SDYF. He is a member of the Myanmar Pyeikkadein Ah Kyan Pay Ah Phwe. He teaches at MARB.
  • U Hla Win (M73, Singapore)
  • U Hla Win (DHE)
  • Dr. Hla Yee Yee is an MD and Ph.D. She won Essay Contests conducted by Daw Lay’s Circle (Guardian Newspaper). She retired from a Malaysian University.

Hla (in middle or end of name)

  • U Chit Hla Sein, son of U Chin Sein, taught movie production at Regional College (RC2).
  • Saya Dr. San Hla Aung (C58) taught at RIT and Tulane University.
  • Min Hla is a city in Myanmar.


  • Hlaing (River)
  • Hlaing (Campus for RC2 and UCC)
  • Saya U Hlaing (Physical Education)
  • U Hlaing Myint (UCC, nephew of Saya Dr. San Tint) worked in Australia and Myanmar.

Hlaing (in middle or end of name)

  • Saya Dr. Aye Hlaing (Professor of Economics, Rector of IE and Chairman of the Union Bank)
  • U Aye Win Hlaing (“La La”, Abel, EE72, MBA, Australia)
  • U Chit Hlaing (Commissioner of Excise, father of U Han Tun (SPHS63).
  • U Chit Hlaing (Co-author of the Burmese Way to Socialism)
  • Commodore Chit Hlaing (Navy, brother of U Aung Thane)
  • Saya U Kyaw Hlaing (brother of Dr. San Aye) taught Burmese at RIT, the Burmese Center at the University of Illinois and University of Hawaii. He attended SPZP-2000 held in the USA. His spouse is a cousin of Saya U Tin Htut.
  • U Kyaw Hlaing (M86, Treasurer of SDYF and ARITA) provided Real Coffee for selected events (e.g. meetings and SPZP).
  • U Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing is a Science Scholar. He worked for MOC/MOGE and Schlumberger before moving to the private industry. He is Chair of SMART.
  • U Mya Hlaing (Publisher)
  • U Mya Hlaing (Boatman, RUBC)
  • U Mya Hlaing (PBRS)
  • Saya U Saw Hlaing (Physics, GBNF) served as Principal of Taunggyi College before transferring to Ministry of Education.
  • U Saw Hlaing, his father U Hoke Sein (Compiler of the Pali-English-Burmese Dictionary, his daughter Dr. Cherry Hlaing and his two grandchildren also stood first in Burma. The record — four generations and five members of First in Burma — will not be broken (for a foreseeable future).
  • Saya U Sein Hlaing (EE52, Professor and Head of EE Department, GBNF)
  • U Sein Hlaing (Burma Football Coach)
  • U Sein Hlaing (Bago, San Francisco Bay Area Entertainment Organizer)
  • U Sein Hlaing (PBRS, BAF, GBNF)
  • Saya U Shwe Hlaing studied Chemical Engineering and Mathematics in the USA. He taught “Engineering Mechanics” in our 2nd BE Class. He taught Algol and “Algol Report” at Mandalay Hall (before UCC was established at Thamaing Campus). He taught programming to students at RIT (e.g. Class of 76)
  • Dr. Tha Hlaing (EENT) is the brother of U Tun Hlaing, Dr. Nyunt Haling (EENT) and U Aung Hlaing (UCC).
  • U Tha Hlaing (EC83, son of Sayagyi Dr. Freddie Ba Hli) stood joint first in the final year with U Thaung Tin (EC83, KMD).
  • Saya U Tha Hlaing was Head of RIT Physics Department. His predecessors include Sayamagyi Daw Nyein and Saya U Hlwan Moe.
  • Saya U Tin Hlaing (M59, GBNF) studied at Purdue University. He headed the Agri Sub-department of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He played Tennis. He passed away because of the scarcity of dialysis machines in Burma and the delay in getting a passport to get medical treatment overseas.
  • Saya Dr. Tin Hlaing (M63) is also known as “R” and “Byte” to distinguish from the senior U Tin Hlaing. He played soccer. He co-chaired SPZP 2002 held in Singapore. He became a “Tone Kyaw” when his namesake passed away.
  • Dr. Tin Hlaing taught Maritime Studies. When he passed away in Singapore, some RIT alumni thought that it was their Saya and notified their friends (wrongly).
  • U Tin Hlaing (Le Dwin Tha Saw Chit, Writer) was a Luyechun at the Inlay Khaung Daimg Camp in 1965.
  • U Tun Hlaing (Irrigation, brother of Dr. Tha Hlaing, Dr. Nyunt Hlaing and U Aung Hlaing.
  • U Tun Hlaing (Saya, Lawyer, father of Saya Dr. Tun Aung Gyaw (EC69, UCC).


  • Hmone Gyi is an assassin of Arzanis.


  • Daw Htoo (Owner of Htoo Motor & Supplies).
  • Maung Htoo (RIT, UCC) is the son-in-law of Saya “Champion” Tin Nyunt.
  • “Tat Kyat” Maung Htoo (Writer)

Htoo (in middle or end of name)

  • Bohmu Ba Htoo started the “Taw Hlan Yay (Resistance)ahead of March 27 in 1945. Ba Htoo Myo, named after him, had training centers for the army.
  • U Khin Maung Htoo (Vocalist)
  • U Myint Htoo (Justice)
  • Saya U Myat Htoo (C68) taught at RIT. He is a founding member of RIT Alumni International, and served as Co-emcee at SPZP-2000. He is a founding member of NorCal RITAA and is Chair, Board of Directors. He is a Past President of TBSA and BADA.
  • Dr. Myat Htoo Razak (RUBC Gold, son of U Tin Myint and grandson of Arzani U Razak)
  • Yahandar Hnit Pokko Htoo Mya is a book by Dhammacariya U Htay Hlaing. I received a copy of the book from U Htay Hlaing for translating six articles from “Dhamma Dhuta”

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