Win Thein

Saya Dr. Win Thein (C58) retired as Professor and Head of Civil Engineering. Saya’s classmates include Saya Allen Htay (GBNF), Saya Dr. San Hla Aung, Mr. Oscar Sharazee, and U Khin Maung Win (Sid Chen, GBNF).

U Win Thein (M67, GBNF) is a member of the London Gold Flake family. He is a founding member of Set Hmu Thadin Zin and RIT Mechanical Engineering Magazine. He is a super organizer. He worked for Sittaung Paper Mill and PPCIC before starting “Yatha Cho”.

U Win Thein (EP70) is a top student of his class.

Bohmu Win Thein (SPHS64, DSA) is the son of Kyee Pwa Yay U Thein. He served as Principal of Ye Kyaung Thaik Pan and as Chair of Public Services Commission (PSC).

Bogyi Win Thein was a Government witness (Phaw Kaung) for Ohn Kyaw Myint’s Treason Trial.

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