Tin Hlaing

Saya U Tin Hlaing (M59, GBNF) served as Head of the Agricultural Engineering (sub-department of Mechanical Engineering). The scarcity of dialysis machines and the time to get passport & visa to go abroad for medical treatment probably contributed to his untimely death.

Saya Dr. Tin Hlaing (M63) served as co-Chair of SPZP-2002. His friends call him “R” and “Byte” to differentiate him from the senior U Tin Hlaing. Saya is a “Tone Kyaw”.

Dr. Tin Hlaing (GBNF) was a Ye Kyaung Theik Pan Saya. When he passed away in Singapore, some RIT alumni thought that Saya Dr. Tin Hlaing (M63) had passed away.

U Tin Hlaing (SPHS59, ChE65) taught at Singapore Polytechnic along with Saya U Thein Lwin (EE, GBNF), Saya U Tu Myint, Saya U Than Myint (GBNF) and Saya U Aung Myint (M69).

U Tin Hlaing (Le Dwin Thar Saw Chit) was a late bloomer. He was selected Tekkatho Lu Ye Chun in 1965. He won literary awards.

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