Suggestions from Dr. Aung Gyi

Updated : August 15, 2019

Ko Hla Min,

I read through your updates  shown in hlamin.com and my suggestions are given below.

I feel that your book should reflect the love of RIT students for their alma mater, the respect and gratitude shown by RIT students towards their respective teachers, the attachment, bond and friendship among RIT students; and the love for their motherland by RIT students. In short, it should reflect what we call “RIT spirit”. You can base the preparation of the book, beginning from the establishment of Faculty of Engineering, Rangoon University, on your updates and other relevant sources. The word RIT  includes all different names of Engineering Institutions in Myanmar, past and present.

Having said all of the above, the following headings come to my mind for your proposed book:

  1. SPZPs/Reunions  involving all  disciplines  which had taken place in Myanmar and abroad.
  2. Establishment of alumni associations abroad and in Myanmar to help RIT and motherland.
  3. Establishment of Swe Daw Yeik Foundation.
  4. Establishment of healthcare fund for RIT teachers in Myanmar.
  5. Fund drive and contributions to upgrade the RIT/YTU library.
  6. Various activities/ mini-reunions / get-togethers  among groups of RIT students/teachers which reflect the life and also bond among RIT students/teachers, established in the past ,during RIT days.
  7. Other interesting episodes related to RIT.

The above gives you a few thoughts I have for your book. I would like to recommend that you  also get suggestions from others for your book.

Good luck and best wishes.
Aung Gyi

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