• The definition of a Senior varies.
  • In the USA, Senior Centers allow people who are 50+ years old to join.
  • AARP (Association of American Retired Professionals) admits “retirees” who are 50+ years old.
    This leaves room for marketing to people who are still active.
  • Some restaurants and shops provide discount to 60+ years and older.
  • The “official” age is 65+.

Sports at SPHS

During our school days, height was considered to categorize the races at the Annual Sports. The classification was Midget, Junior-Junior, Junior and Senior.


Some companies use MTS (Member of Technical Staff), SMTS (Senior Member), PMTS (Principal Member) and CMTS (Consulting Member).

Some also use VP (Vice President), SVP (Senior VP) and EVP (Executive VP).

Saya Pu Zaw Pwe

  • Some senior alumni are not comfortable to attend Saya Pu Zaw Pwes (SPZP).
  • They could not easily find their classmates among the huge crowd.
  • They find it not easy to pay respect to the younger sayas on the stage.
  • A partial solution to accommodate the senior alumni was provided at some SPZPs.
  • The sayas and sayamas were divided into three (or more batches) in order of service/seniority.
  • A drawback is that it takes a long time to get the sayas and sayamas get on and off the stage.
  • An advantage is that senior alumni can choose to pay respect to their mentors, and relax when the younger sayas are on stage.

Thet Kyee Pu Zaw Pwe

  • MES has a ceremony to pay respect to all engineers and architects — not just sayas and sayamas — who are 75+ years old.
  • According to U Tin Htut (Harry, “Mon Yu”), the Myanmar Sar Yay Saya Ah Thin pays respect to writers who are 80+ years old.
  • One Myanmar Community (OMC) in Northern California and Theravada Dhamma Society (TDS) join forced to hold “Thet Kyee Pu Zaw Pwe” for 75+ years old as part of the Thingyan Celebrations.

Senior Day

To accommodate seniors professing different religions, the Burmese American Associations in Southern California hold a “Senior Day”.
They provide rides to seniors to the event, and also offer them food, gifts and a “Photo Shoot” opportunity.


I met several 80+ years young volunteers at the Senior Center.

I have seen 80+ year young people drive their cars. Some enjoy gym, games (e.g. Bridge, Mah Jong, Golf, Billiards).

Some seniors have memory loss. Some teachers cannot recognize their former students. Some cannot recognize their children and grand children.

The following might be a joke or based on reality.

“Uncle, you call you wife Honey. What is her name?”
“I forgot her name 30 years ago.

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