Sein Win

Saya U Sein Win

Saya studied at the University of Michigan.

Saya retired as Professor of Electrical Power, and continued working as a Consultant in the industry.

Saya managed the RIT Rowing, Swimming & Water Polo teams.

Saya was advisor for UCC.

Brigadier General Sein Win

He was a member of the Revolutionary Council.

He served as Prime Minister in the MaSaLa Government.

69ers named Sein Win

U Sein Win (M69, “Nar Yi”, GBNF) was one of the organizers for the 30th Anniversary of the Class of 69.

U Sein Win (C69, GBNF) changed his name to Win Kyaw. He is an amateur but proficient palmist. His spouse is a professional palmist.

U Sein Win (M/Ag69) owns a “resort” near Kyaik Hti Yo. He is the brother of Aung Htay (Tennis).

Po So Chin

U Sein Win (C80) was an EC of RIT Buddhist Association.

He served as Secretary and President of MEAA in Australia. He organized musical sessions.

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