Saya U Sein Win Joke

Saya U Sein Win is an alumnus of the University of Michigan, USA. He is the younger brother of Dr. Tin U and Dr. Saw Lwin. He retired as Professor of Electrical Power Department at YTU. He was Technical Advisor for the UCC Project.

Saya U Sein Win left his brand new spouse at a Zay (presumably Scott Market / Bogyoke Zay).

Saya went back to RIT, and had a long discussion with his students.

The students asked, “How is Sayagadaw?”

Saya’s reply : “Let’s end the discussion. It’s past time I should have picked her up at the Zay”.

Uzin Bobby Myo Tun (A69) wrote :

Classic example of ‘the absent-minded professor!’

U Aung Myint (Sonny, SPHS64, UCC) wrote :

I heard about that (absent mindedness of Sayar U Sein Win) from some of the students or from the Lab staffs while I was in EC lab: What I heard was a little different. What I heard was ” He parked at Hledan Zay. His wife went for buying. He was waiting inside the car. Suddenly he got an idea of taking Hair cut nearby instead of waiting for a long time. After hair cutting he forgot everything and drove the car alone. I don’t know if that is true or not. I don’t even remember from whom I heard that story.

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