San Lin

Dr. San Lin (C62)

He joined EPC. He taught part-time at RIT.

He worked for United Nations projects in Thailand before migrating to the USA.

He recently co-organized a mini-gathering in Los Angeles to pay respect to Sayagyi U Min Wun. He also gave my spouse and I a ride to attend the LA gathering.

U San Lin (C69, GBNF)

He is one of the recent entries from the GBNF list of the Class of 69 (which currently is close to 90).

U San Lin (Robert, EC73)

His spouse Daw Hla Myint (Marina) is also EC73.

He studied at UCC. He worked in Singapore and USA.

His father U Boon Pinn (GBNF) studied for the combined Mech/Elec degree at the Faculty of Engineering, University Rangoon around 1948 and 1949.

U San Lin (M87)

He is an Executive Committee member of NorCal RITAA.

He was named after U San Lin, who signed the Kyat Notes issued by the Union Bank of Burma.

He writes blogs with the pen name “Maung Lu Pay” (similar to the “Maung Lu Aye” character of Theikpan Maung Wa).

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