Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin

Sayagyi is the first native Professor. He successfully proposed the opening of the Burmese Department at Rangoon University.

His works include

  • translation of Visuddhimagga
  • the Expositor (Atthasalai)
  • Burmese Grammar
  • Glass Palace Chronicle (co-author)

Sayadaw U Thitthila

Sayadaw did missionary work in UK. Sayadaw came back to Burma and taught at the Pali Department for several years before continuing his missionary work abroad. Sayadaw also translated for Pali Text Society (PTS).

Some Pali Scholars

U Shwe Zan Aung translated a Buddhist text for Pali Text Society (PTS).

Saya U Aung Than was Pali Professor and also Commander of the Rangoon University Training Corps.

Saya U Tin Lwin, another Pali Professor, also taught at IMBTU. He co-authored the translation of Maha Buddhavamsa (Life Story of the Buddha) by Tipitaka Mingun Sayadaw U Vicittasarabhivamsa.

Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa served as Chief Compiler of the Tipitaka Pali-Myanmar Dictionary for the Sixth Buddhist Council. Sayadaw also served as an external examiner for the Pal Department.

U Hoke Sein spent over a decade to compile and refine the Pali-English-Burmese Dictionary. U Hoke Sein, his son U Saw Hlaing, his grand daughter Dr. Cherry Hlaing and two great grand children all stood first in their respective Matriculation examination.

Mr. Balwant Singh (RUBC Gold) took Pali Honors. He was asked to retire as Commissioner of Pegu Division. He joined the United Nations and served as a Security Expert.

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