Nyunt Wai

Sections in SPHS

St. Paul’s High School might have its rule of assigning students to sections.

When I joined SPHS, I was assigned to Std. IV(D) taught by Ms. A Benjamin.

After standing first or second in IV(D), V(D), VI(D) and VII(D), I was assigned to VIII(A).

Nyunt Wai was in VII(C) along with Aung Thu Yein. They both were assigned to VIII(A).

Ko Nyunt Wai can be seen in the third position from left of the second last row in the Group photo of Std VIII(A) of SPHS.

Nyunt Wai (Standing 3rd from left)

According to Ko Aung Thu Yein (Brownie Way, EC69, GBNF), Ko Nyunt Wai fell sick before the Matriculation examination 1n 1963. Being best friends, Ko Aung Thu Yein offered to read and discuss notes. Ko Nyunt Wai stood Fourth in the whole of Burma. Ko Aung Thu Yein stood 13th. Both won Collegiate Scholarships of K75 per month.

Ko Nyunt Wai had a neat and tidy handwriting. He was a talented artist. He drew a cover for a book by Ashin Ananda (Laureate Poet).

He became a Professor of Physiology at the Institute of Medicine.

After retirement, he went to work at a Malaysian University.

He is now back in Myanmar. He paints and writes poetry and articles in his spare time. He is planning to write and publish a book.

He reviewed several of my posts and provided comments and salient material.

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