Myo San

Myo San (Seated right)

Dr. Myo San (Freddie Ba San, SPHS 63, GBNF) stood third in the whole of Burma in the Matriculation of 1963 and won the Collegiate Scholarship.

He had mastered phonetics. He also had read lots of English books. One would not be surprised that he scored distinctions in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

He was a little bit older than us, and that might have given him a slight advantage in the early years.

He gave me a quiz. “How do you pronounce GHOTI?” I gave an answer which he corrected as “FISH”. He had read George Bernard Shaw, who posed the quiz as a lesson on the eccentricities of English.

GH is phonetically equivalent to F as in ROUGH.
O is phonetically equivalent to I as in WOMAN.
TI is phonetically equivalent to SH as in ATTENTION.
Thus, GHOTI is phonetically equivalent to FISH.

He became a surgeon, but the stress caused him to take early retirement.

Sadly, he passed away.

Myo San (Freddie) can be seen fifth from the left in the third row in the picture of Std VIII(A) of SPHS. Uzin Okkantha (Aung Chaw, Victor) is next to him.

Myo San (3rd row, 5th from left)

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