• U Aung Moe (Alumni in Australia)
  • Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War, EE63) chaired SPZP-2002 and SPZP-2010. Saya is a Laureate Poet, author, editor and publisher.
  • U Moe Hein (“Ajala”, ChE69) represented RIT in Swimming and Water Polo. He is one of the people who made me “Tone Kyaw” when my name sake passed away.
  • Moe Min (Zat Minthar, Vocalist)
  • U Moe Myint (M76) and Daw Moh Moh Han (A77) are members of the Singapore Pon Chan Chan Group. They helped with the Entertainment Program of the SPZPs held in Singapore and Yangon.
    [Per KMZ] : U Moe Myint (M76) is ex-TSC, very active in Singapore ‘Myanmar Karuna Association’ the charter of which is ‘Myanmar Karuna Association provides Free Funeral Services for Myanmar Nationality in Singapore’. Very noble services for the Myanmar expatriates and their families there.
  • Moe Moe (Venus) is a sayama at MARB.
  • U Moe Nyunt (“Lay Lone”, Son of U Mya Maung) was my classmate at SPHS.
  • Moe Thee Zun was a student activist.
  • Daw Tin Moe Wai (Sweetie, UCC, UN)
  • Moe Wai (Magazine)

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