Updated : August 16, 2019

By U Thein Han (Maryland, USA)

I believe in luck.

It was in 1948 during my Rangoon University days I did Nation Newspaper Crossword Puzzle and won 2000 Kyats. At that time the value of Kyat was very good. With the money I won I bought a Jeep costing 3000 Kyats.

My next luck was also during my University days when I went to a movie with my friend Ko Sein Lwin. On the return while I was driving my Jeep with my friend beside me, at the corner of Prome Road and Medical College I, we picked up 800 Kyats which was lying on the Road.

When I arrived in Maryland (USA), I went to Safeway Grocery to buy bread. When I took the bread from the shelf I found $20 on the shelf. It was a great help to me when I was penniless.

Another time was when I was walking on Wheaton Avenue with my son, we found $40 on the street.

During our Burmese Christmas Party I won the door prize which was a Television.

At the Thai King’s Birthday party given by our Thai friend, I won Thai Airways luggage for the door prize.

At our Senior Center I won a Cup as a door prize.

While working at Montgomery County, in 1977, I won 2nd prize of the Maryland Lottery which was $2000, because I hit five numbers out of six numbers. At that time $2000 was a lot of money. The 2nd prize is now one million Dollars.

The 1st prize then was one million Dollars. On 25 August 2018 the 1st prize went up to 522 Million and it was won by 11 employees of a bank because they were lucky.

The 13 Thai Cave Footballers survived because of their luck.

My University friend Billy Wu From Maymyo went back home during a holiday, the UBA Dakota plane crashed due to bad weather, but he was lucky and he survived.

Everyone has luck, but we don’t know when we will be lucky.

Editor’s Note :

  • U Thein Han served as Systems Engineer at IBM Burma. His colleague sponsored him to move to the USA. He is the lone survivor among my uncles and aunts.
  • I met some people who had won raffle prizes at almost every party. A few won two or more prizes at a time.

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