IDC Kerosene Stove

By Dr. Myint Thein (M73)
Post : 2012
Updated : August 15, 2019

Dear (Not Exactly = Chit Hla Zwer Thaww) U Hla Min + RIT Brothers + Sisters:

.. who were/are tirelessly offering participating joining efforts, energy and time .. planning organizing implementing SPZP-2012 and Revitalization of our Mother-RIT.

In late 1960s, when I relocated to Rangoon, I used to read in newspapers that .. for kerosene stoves – manufactured by IDC (Industrial Development Corporation), Burma:

Meeee-Hpo Pyet Yin – Pyitt Ma Htarr Par Ne.
Kyune-Daw Arrrr Gyeee Ceit Soe De”
{Don’t leave Your Stove Broken – I am Extremely Annoyed.
Advertisement by IDC Yay-Nan-Cee MeeePho}.

Recently, reliable news arrived. Under new Management – new Leaderships – new System .. our Mother-RIT has been re-opened. Naively, I am pleased. NOW, at least we see the dawn. Reclaiming the RIT Glorious status which we have held and enjoyed is not a quick and easy task. However, it is not an impossible dream. If we can realize our Mother-RIT’s recovery within a decade, I would claim “An Unbelievable Success”.

It took more than 60 years of precious intellectual investments for Mother-RIT to attain internationally recognized position and to stand up distinctly among Asia countries .. so that, again, it will take considerable time to successfully regain recover her strength and vigor.

I was not aware of, (also did not believe/accept) that our Mother-RIT was virtually closed. I assumed those news are rumors. I thought, there might have been a few undisclosed issues those I missed and should be aware of. I did not know that although it was a public university, it became a place of OFF-limits .. for general public and her alumni.

Once, at the entrance U Lu Paw gate, surprisingly I was denied – declined to see my alma mater. It was totally unexpected and I was well stranded. Fortunately, an abrupt heavy downpour of Rangoon’s monsoon rain came down in that early morning – (May be sofa couch of our Celestial King (Sugar-King Tha-Gyar-Minn) had abnormally become rigid-firm-tense) .. my former class-mate who was an RIT retired-professor suddenly emerged at the gate. I was very much elated. I strongly believed that savior has answered my call. He bailed me out. And then I, Your Falsely, was unconditionally allowed .. to enter and see my Mother-RIT.

My friend-professor gave me a short brisk tour in the rain. I observed the changes from a substantial distance. I saw our old RIT-Clinic which we often-refuge was still active and breathing well .. in good shape. Also, A – B – C -D – E- F halls for male students and their once always-busy noisy pots and pans .. open dining-hall .. all were still standing up, except no inhabitant. No smoke at-all.

From a distance, in the rain, I saw a pretty big rocket standing-tall in front of G-Hall. May be it was one of the latest RIT defense Surface to Air Missile systems .. promoting guarding our forever-young treasures RIT-Sisters.

Also, RIT football field was under fertile management by Ministry of Agriculture. We used to play in this holy field in non-negotiable mud .. like water-buffaloes .. under heavy rains. I saw all were green under thick vegetation. May be maintenance budget has been cut.

Across the soccer-field, RIT food-court. I was sure it was not a botanical garden. It used to be a pivotal place bee-hive in our days. It looked like an abandoned island ghost town. I did not see any moving-being any moving-species or moving-object in the food-court. It was totally closed and silent. It’s silence recalled a phrase in my mind. A sign posted at the entry of a food-stall. It read: Ya-Nay Ah-Kyway Loane-Wa Ma-Yaung Ber. (Today – Absolutely, No Credit-Sales). May be too-many student-debtors who no longer afford to pay their debts and declared bankrupt and left the school. National economy might be slightly down.

Not to blame anybody. Mother-RIT is 50 plus years old. In a tropical-season .. under intense wet-hot-dry cycle conditions. Her superstructure seems to be normal. Only inevitable normal wear and tear may be. However, if we don’t attend her (care and maintain), she may expire prematurely.

Now, I think, favorable Time and Tide have arrived. I do not know “How long it will be like under this situation?”.

Now, during this High Tide and Wind (impermanent, always changing),

Now, RIT able-bodied Brothers and Sisters are Tirelessly pushing/pulling .. our abandoned grounded Mother-ship RIT .. to get-off the ground .. Tow to the shore .. for immediate essential repairs.

And then . . resume Her Sails . . Her Heads High-Up in the prevailing Wind . . holding a Huge Genuine Smile on Her Face.

While we were Crocodiles, practicing rowing in Inya Lake Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC, often . . we were prompted by the cox’s call, to move our oars forward-ready position,

Come Forwarrrrrd ! ! !

Please, don’t seek advice from your spouse.

Bring your Cash, Check-book or Genuine Cey-Ta-Nar.

Sincere Salutations to all my RIT Brothers and Sisters – – for your enormous efforts,

[Dr.] Myint Thein
1973 Mechanical, RIT.
San Francisco, CA.

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