Htin Aung

Dr. Htin Aung (1909 – 1978)
Former Rector of Rangoon University)

Dr. Htin Aung (GBNF) is the younger brother of U Tin Tut (ICS), U Kyaw Myint (Dean of Law) and U Myint Thein (Chief Justice).

He served as Principal of Rangoon College and the first Rector of the University of Rangoon.

He is a prolific writer. He writes about Burmese Culture & Customs, History, and Law.

Some of his works “Thirty Burmese Tales”, “Burmese Drama” were prescribed as text books in the early Education System.

U Win Aung (BBS, VOA, Aung Mon, Win Aung Gyi) wrote a biography of Dr. Htin Aung.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (SPHS60) also wrote several posts about his Ba Dwe Dr. Htin Aung.

Dr. Htin Aung (Physics)

I met Dr. Htin Aung (Physics, GBNF) and his twin brother Dr. Htin Kyaw at the Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) when Saya U Thein Aung (Mickey Tan, SPHS59, RUBC Gold, GBNF) coaxed some sayas from the RASU Physics Department to join RUBC.

Dr. Htin Aung taught and supervised students at a Japanese University.

He also worked for NHK.

Dr. Htin Aung (SPHS63, C69)

Dr. Htin Aung is an alumnus of SPHS and RIT.

He served as Professor and Head of the Civil Engineering Department.

He represented RIT in Chinlon with U Tin Shein (“Phone Gyi”, M69).

He also played competitive badminton.

U Htin Aung (Richard)

U Htin Aung is the eldest son of U Hla Thin (Government Advocate, Justice).

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