Updated : August 15, 2019

  • Be mindful every moment.
    Most meditation retreats advise the yogis to continue practicing mindfulness in daily life.
  • If one is inattentive for a few seconds while walking or running, then one can trip or fall and incur serious injuries.
    A dhamma friend succumbed to internal bleeding after an unintentional fall.
  • If one is inattentive for a few seconds while driving, then one can get involved in an accident with serious consequences.
  • If in doubt, follow the three second rule.
    For example, count “One, two, three” before changing lanes.
  • Don’t climb up a foot or higher without something to hang on to.
    A former classmate was trying to fix the leaky roof and fell from the roof.
  • Take 30 seconds to 2 minutes before changing posture.
    Don’t get up abruptly from bed.
  • Maintain balance and moderation.
    With control, you can enjoy good food and even beer, wine or whiskey.
    [Per Saya U Tin Maung Nyunt] Saya Dr. Tha Hla offered alcoholic drinks to his guests along with his advice. “If possible, do not add water and soda to whiskey. Drink with moderation. Don’t let the alcohol “drink” you (Ah Yet Ka Lu Ko Ma Thauk Say Nei).”
  • Enjoy BFF (Best Friends Forever).
    Meet, greet, eat and be merry.
    Vitamin F is essential to longevity.
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
    You can get good results even if you fake a laugh.
  • Dana” (Generosity) transcends religion and culture.
    Perform good deeds.
    You get merit every time you rejoice about those deeds.
  • [Per friend] Try to chant as often as possible :”I am imperfectly perfect“.
    It is better to get a thing done than waiting for perfection (which may never come as in Charles Babbage’s projects).
  • Que sera sera (What will be will be).
    The classic song reminds us that some things are beyond our control.
    Some pray as follows :
    “Give me the power to accept the things I cannot change,
    the courage to change the things I can,
    and the wisdom to know the difference”.
  • Do not have great expectations.
    For example, Buzz Aldrin became depressed after the Apollo 11 trip, because he was the second person to land on the moon [after Neil Armstrong].
  • Don’t expect gratitude.
    Jesus Christ cured a dozen (or so) lepers, but only one thanked him.
  • Remember the things you learned as a child.

“I had the blues
because I had no shoes
Till upon a street
I met a man without feet.”

“Brighten in your corner.”

“In life’s rosy morning
In manhood’s firm pride
Let this be the motto
Your footsteps to guide
In storm or in sunshine
Whatever assail
We’ll go onward and conquer
And never sail FAIL.”

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