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Updated : June 14, 2019


Chess is played on an 8×8 board.

Each player owns 16 pieces :

  • King — the game is lost is when it is check-mated
  • Queen (generally worth 8 pawns)
  • Two Rooks (each worth 5 pawns)
  • Two Bishops (each worth 3 pawns)
  • Two Knights (each worth 3 pawns)
  • Eight Pawns — it can get promoted to any piece (usually a Queen) if it reaches the other end of the board successfully

The player, who owns the White pieces, starts the game and has some advantages over the opponent.


There are many books written about the beginning, the middle and the end games. There are many analyses about the Championship matches.

Computer Chess

The Computer History Museum on Shoreline, Mountain View, California, US had an exhibit on Computer Chess.

I have autographs from the Computer Chess Pioneers.

RIT Chess

Ko Aung Than (EE), Ko Maung Maung (M7x), Ko Thet Lwin (Henry, EE72) and several Russian sayas formed the RIT Chess Club.

Chess Set

I received a Chess set with leaded pieces from U Maung Maung Gyi (High School teacher of my father).

Most Chess sets that were available from the stores were made of plastic.

I received a Pocket Chess set from my elder brother when he returned from the 1960 ARAE Regatta in Colombo, Ceylon. He was the cox of the RUBC team which won the Willingdon Trophy for Coxed Fours. The team members were U Tin Htoon, Dr. Harry Saing, Victor Htun Shein and Sunny Teng.


One of my uncles regularly played chess at YMCA. Saya Dawson (Burma Chess Champion) enrolled me in a YMCA chess tournament. I got two walk overs, because the elder players had no incentive playing against a “Char Taik”. My father asked me to withdraw from the tournament.

Follow up

In my Computer Science studies, we had to code “Eight Queens” problem and the “Knight’s Tour”.

I followed some early Chess Championship games
(a) human versus human (e.g. Bobby Fischer, Boris Sparssky)
(b) computer versus computer (e.g. Belle, Deep Thought)
(c) computer versus human (e.g. Deep Blue, Gary Kasparov)

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