Win Boh

Robert Win Boh

  • U Win Boh (Robert, EC69) matriculated from Sacred Heart. He had close friends from SPHS, MEHS and other schools.
  • He is one of the eleven from our EC69 class. He joined DCA. He was best man at the wedding of Saya U Soe Min (EE, DCA, GBNF).
  • He migrated to Australia. He has retired, but he is active as a volunteer for Australian Red Cross.
  • He is a guitarist and vocalist. Albert, Danny and Robert are the three performers for the 69ers.
  • He is a survivor of two strokes and a cancer.
  • At times, he would send me lengthy e-mails (not well punctuated and formatted). Then, he would silent for a long time.
  • He had taken very long trips around the world alone.

Dr. Win Boh

  • Dr. Win Boh (MEHS70, EC76) played hockey.
  • He received his Doctorate from Ohio State University. He worked for IBM (Austin) and several other tech firms.
  • He is a Gaw Pa Ka of the Sitagu Monastery in Austin, Texas, USA.
  • His spouse is a Civil graduate. She attended UCC.

Win Boh

  • Win Boh is a son of Shwe Mann Tin Maung.
  • He is a younger brother of Academy Nyunt Win.

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